vapid vacuous mindless journalism in my mailbox

INCONCEIVABLE! This is what is passing for news in today’s rightwingnut media world of faux news organizations and the ubiquitous bloggers all over the Internet: “Russell Brand labels ex-wife Katy Perry ‘vapid, vacuous and plastic’ in documentary.” 1


Or my fave, the one that I received in my mailbox from an email newsletter: Ex-Husband Has Extremely Harsh Words for Hillary-Supporting Pop Star Katy Perry”!


According to this article (and variations of its are all over the rightie ‘news’ and blogging world), Mr Brand refereed to his wife as a “vapid, vacuous, plastic, constructed, mindless celebrity.”


Harsh indeed.

Plus (PLUS!) (O!!!!my!!!!gawd!!!!) (fourth and final such exclamation) Katy Perry is a HILLARY SUPPORTER!


Get it?


(O!!!!!my!!!!!gawd!!!!!) (I couldn’t help myself . . .)

Alack and alas, a wee bit of research shows that the string of adjectives above were taken from this brief statement: “I’m associated with the very thing I detest: vapid, vacuous, plastic, constructed, mindless celebrity. . . . ‘Oh, who’s he?’ . . . ‘He’s married to Katy Perry.’ “

So, the “celebrity” he is describing is his own fame as a comedian and actor and loudmouthed talk-show host and now socio-political gadabout!

Plus (PLUS!) he’s married to Katy Perry, so that becomes part of the celebrity baggage.

Don’t believe me? Check it out—you can go sit through the complete two-hour documentary here and look for the man saying the words:

Or you can just watch the three-minute trailer and hear the same words here:


Either way, what you will hear is Russell Brand discussing the life of emptiness of the life of a celebrity—especially a successful celebrity at the height of his fifteen minutes of fame in Hollywood.

Oh, and I know only a little about Brand: I have seen a few clips of him on YouTube and have found him very intelligent and very articulate if occasionally sinking into the brash histrionics that too many comedians of the past few decades have found necessary to reach the hoi polloi.

I also saw him in the remake of Arthur (2011), a minor movie starring Dudley Brooks, Liza Minnelli, and John Gielgud (1981). I thought Brand gave a more than able performance: the character’s obnoxiousness was apparently second nature to Brand, but his turn for the better after he discovers true love (in the guise of Greta Gerwig) was damn near sympathetic (and a bravo or two are in order here for the director Jason Winner). The film could have been better, but I’ve had no problem recommending it—especially to Brand-haters—in the past couple of years. 2 3 4

BACK TO BASICS: Brand DID NOT call his ex-wife those words (need they be repeated again?), and if he did, it ain’t news ‘news’!

It’s Celebrity Gossip 101 ‘news’! 5 6

But what do you expect from the people who brought you the ‘news’ that Romney would beat Obama decisively . . .


1   I chose this exclamatory opening because I wanted to see the rarely used first letter of my last name in big bold print at the top of this page. And former rightwing hatchet-man David Brock of Media Matters refers to as the ‘Rep*blican Noise Machine.’

2   Plus (PLUS!) (Oh!my!!gawd!!!) Arthur has Jennifer Garner! (That’s not ironic: I have had a crush on her since my wife forced me to watch 13 Going on 30 almost ten years ago. Hell, I think Elektra is one of the best comic book costumed hero movies, and I enjoyed Butter—a movie that apparently only Berni and I have ever seen.)

3   Arthur is also blessed with the presence of Helen Mirren.

4   Whew! I needed to get that out.

5   Wait!??! What about Hillary Clinton? I forgot her! Apparently, so did the ‘conservative’ journalists in their bated breathlessness over having THIS to write about Brand and his newfound career as political junkie with leftwing aspirations. Oh, well.

6   Wait!??! Am I missing something? OMG! (See, I do know Internet abbreviations.) Do these less-than-librull media people intend to entertain while elucidating? Well, Hell’s Belles, if so let one of them make that argument elsewhere about this not being vapid vacuous mindless journalism . . .

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  1. My humble opinion is that this post puts YOU in contention for the interweb reincarnation of Will Rogers. After all, what else is there to a belief system?
    Just don’t go all Willey Post on us… I wanna do the flying!

    Yes, Helen Mirren and Jennifer Garner.

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