agent mulder may want to believe but do I?

In the television series The X-Files, there is a rather prominent poster on the wall of Agent Fox Mulder’s office: a classic photo of a slightly fuzzy flying saucer hovers above a normal landscape. At the bottom in large print is “I want to believe.” It sums up Mulder’s attitude. It is also the title of a 2008 movie directed by the show’s creator Chris Carter and starring the original leads, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

A personal epiphany about me and belief systems in general

We spent this New Year’s Eve’s afternoon at Ami and Jon’s place celebrating Jon’s birthday. Aside from having the best corn-chips in a long time accompanied by several fine dips, I had a lengthy conversation with Jon and his brother Gary concerning the ability of some people to believe just about anything provided the “right” person utters the words. And we agreed on almost everything!

On the drive home, as Berni and I carried on the conversation, Mulder’s motto popped into my head followed by a thought that led me to turn to Berni and tell her, “I don’t care whether I believe or not.” And that sums me up (and please do NOT read that as a statement of apathy, ’cause it ain’t not). 

And for those who understand epiphany—yes yes, there is no other kind of epiphany but a “personal epiphany.”

Do I want to believe like Fox believes?

So then, to answer the question posed by this piece’s title: “Do I want to believe like Fox believes?” No, because the concept of another intelligent life-form bridging the physical space between star systems is inconceivable! (“I no think you know what that word means.”)

But, someday, allow me to tell you about one of the most amazing sightings of a UFO that I have ever heard of and it happened to me and BEM (yes, that’s her initials) in Northern California in 1981 and I have never been the same since . . .

Comments, suggestions, additions, and arguments welcome!