rolling stones “we love you” / “dandelion” — part 1

I penned this brief piece below as an addendum to the first batch of ads for eBay that I had done in almost ten years. While typing the ads, I was listening over and over to one collection.

As I write this first batch of auctions for eBay—my first auctions in eight years (and listed under a friend’s name, nwenterpro)—I am playing The Rolling Stones Singles Collection – The London Years. The tracks that I am playing over and over—and, yes, I listen to CDs while I work, but vinyl for pleasure—are We Love You and Dandelion. These are two sides of one of the great, under-appreciated singles of 1967.

The year 1967 was full of great singles by established artists that should have been BIG hits but weren’t—for example, Buffalo Springfield’s Mr. Soul and the Byrds’ Lady Friend.

Now, at the time of the release of We Love You / Dandelion,I was 15 years old. I did not buy the record when it came out, as I loathed the Stones then, especially Mick Jagger’s voice.

During the Christmas season of 1967, I heard the Stones’ new album, Their Satanic Majesties Request, at Susie Corgan’s sixteenth birthday party. Both my best friend, Donnie Corby, and I had an epiphany upon hearing the very first track’s opening line: “Why don’t we sing this song altogether, open our heads let the pictures come. And if we close all our eyes together, then we will see where we all come from.”

From that moment on, I was converted! I bought the album the next day and then went after the earlier single, We Love You / Dandelion, which I found at the local McCrory’s for 79¢—and it even included the great (and now rather rare) picture sleeve.


This entry began as an observation on the Rolling Stones’ second single of 1967 and flowered into something a wee bit more inclusive. It has been moved from this website to my new website, Rather Rare Records ( It has been noticeably re-edited and slightly rewritten. Ihave also changed the piece’s title to “from buttons to dandelions – the rolling stones embrace dylan and davies and then turn on tune in and drop out.”

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  1. Speaking purely as a buyer and not a seller (meaning I may not know what I’m talking about), I think the value you put on a NM copy makes sense. It’s hard enough to find NM pic sleeves from the 60s as it is, much less a NM Stones sleeve.

    Great blog, by the way.

    1. I have a follow-up piece about the “We Love You” / “Dandelion” sleeve—an anecdote about selling the only Mint copy of the sleeve that I have ever seen—that I will get around to in a couple of days. And thanks for the compliment; keep on reading and get your friends family lovers enemies and others to read it, too!

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