another example of what not to do when publishing

EXAMPLES OF what not to do when publishing your work comes in published form all the time and I thought I would pass this one on as another note for writers. I received this bit of spam this morning and just thought that I would pass it on as a lesson in how not to write a letter—or anything else other than a title.

This Message Might Meet You In Utmost Surprise. However, It’s Just My Urgent Need For Foreign Partner That Made Me To Contact You For This Transaction. I Got Your Contact From Burkina Faso Chambers Of Commerce While I Was Searching For A Foreign Partner. I Assured Of Your Capability And Reliability To Champion This Business Opportunity When I Prayed To God Or Allah About You. 

It went on like that for several more paragraphs. Capitalizing the first letter of every word DOES NOT heighten the importance or impact of your words. The human eye/brain connection hates it, so it just annoys the hell out of your hoped-for reader(s)!

Needless To Say, I Did Not Respond To The Good Doctor’s Offer.

PS1: I love the first eight words in the email (“This message might meet you in utmost surprise”) but I have no idea of what the message’s feelings were when it met me, but it showed no surprise, utmost or otherwise.

PS2: The “I Love Typography” image at the top of this page was lifted from the page “Typography basics: fonts can be fun” by Katerina Kolambet.





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