where wolf? nowhere wolf!

THE SLAUGHTER OF OUR WOLVES CONTINUES almost unabated, although one would never know that we are exterminating yet another species in a rather horrific manner from the near total lack of attention given the topic by the mainstream-corporate media. Thank Grommett for the Internet!

No species draws more hysteria than these intelligent, social animals. Wildlife-haters gloat over every wolf-kill on social media, swapping pictures of gruesome, painful wolf deaths.

Before proceeding here, I suggest reading “The Slaughter Of The Wolves” here on Neal Umphred Dot Com. It is subtitled “A Little Less Action, A Little More Conversation, Please” after the Elvis Presley record A Little Less Conversation.

This was my first essay addressing this issue and actually had me considering launching a new and separate website devoted just to this and related topics. That is, an all-wolves all-the-time website. But I have a fourth site being readied now and I don’t see a fifth soon.

I have a Facebook page titled Bleeding Heart Liberal Petitions where I post petitions for such issues as the environment, women’s equality, healthy food, overturning victimless crime laws and Citizens United, calling for justice for the warriors whose strength is not to fight, for the refugees on the unarmed road of flight, and for each and every underdog soldier in the night.

And for wolves.

I receive these petitions via emailed newsletters from a variety of similarly bleeding heart organizations. Each email features a beautiful photograph of a wolf or wolves. So here is a gallery of then such photos. Each is followed by the name of the organization who sent me the image (and each is linked to a website, a petition, or a request for a donation.

That is followed by a quote from the emailed newsletter, which the links will not take you to. But you can subscribe to each and receive your own updates and requests.

Unfortunately, the individuals who took the photographs in these newsletters are almost never listed.

1 wolves 10

Center for Biological Diversity (12/15/15). “Any day now Congress will decide whether to strip away wolf protections in Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. If the worst happens, thousands of wolves could be gunned down, snared, and hunted with trained dogs.

The poisonous hatred that’s driving these wolf-killing bills in Congress isn’t isolated to Washington, DC. No species draws more hysteria than these intelligent, social animals—wildlife-haters gloat over every wolf-kill on social media, swapping pictures of gruesome, painful wolf deaths.

It’s due to this kind of irrational prejudice that in Oregon, the wildlife commission recently ended protection for wolves under the state’s Endangered Species Act. And in California, a new draft management plan threatens to start killing wolves as soon as they reach a population of 50-75, a ridiculously low number in a state with millions of acres of prime wolf habitat.”

1 wolves 7

Defenders of Wildlife (12/17/15). “State sponsored wolf killing is underway in the Northern Rockies. Nearly 292 wolves in the Northern Rockies have been trapped or gunned down this year with other wolves being killed by state and federal agencies. And the carnage is just getting started.”

1 Wolves 6

Sierra Club (12/19/15). “We can’t sit back while gray wolves are killed by the hundreds. That’s the gut-wrenching reality if plans to strip gray wolves of endangered species protections get approved. No national protections equals open season on the gray wolf. Hunting, trapping, poisoning. It all comes raging back, decimating the sparse populations of gray wolves we’ve worked so hard to rebuild. Over 1,000 wolves have been killed in the Rocky Mountains by hunting and trapping since they were delisted a few years ago.”

1 Wolves 4

Defenders of Wildlife (12/26/15). In the two years that Wyoming’s wolves were stripped of endangered species status, more than 310 of them lost their lives to bullets, snares and traps. Among the first wolves killed when the shooting began was a spectacular alpha she-wolf known only as ‘06.Three years ago this month, ‘06 was gunned down a few miles outside the park boundary. Her radio collar showed that she resided within the park 95% of the time.

She was the magnificent matriarch of Yellowstone National Park’s Lamar Canyon Pack. People traveled from all over the world to see her. One wildlife photographer mourned her as ‘the most famous, most photographed, most beloved wolf in the world.’ “

1 Wolves 2

Earthjustice (12/27/15). “Wolves are among our country’s most iconic wild species, but they were nearly wiped out by centuries of ruthless hunting, trapping and poisoning. And today, despite successes in wolf recovery in parts of their former range, the species faces mounting threats across the country.”

1 wolves 8

Center for Biological Diversity (12/16/15). “The same vicious attitudes that drove the potential budget riders to end wolf protections will be back at the local, state and federal levels. Wolf hunts are still legal in Idaho and Montana—hundreds have died so far this winter. Government agencies, like the rogue Wildlife Services, are still killing far too many wolves at the behest of special interests. And the wolf-haters in Congress will return, trying next year to again strip wolf protections.”

1 wolves 9

Center for Biological Diversity (12/16/15). This little critter ain’t a little critter—he’s a target. (I said that.)

1 Wolves 5

Earthjustice (12/19/15). “We just defeated an anti-wolf rider that was slipped into must-pass spending bills in both the House of Representatives and the Senate! This senseless rider would have stripped wolves in Wyoming and the upper Midwest of existing federal protections and subjected wolves in those areas to the same sort of unregulated killing that nearly wiped them out in the first place.

And we’re still fighting several bad bills in the House of Representatives and the Senate that would remove protections for wolves and weaken the very laws we use to protect them. In addition to our work in court to defend Wyoming wolves, we’re fighting for the Alexander Archipelago wolf in the Tongass National Forest, the Mexican gray wolf in the Southwest, and endangered gray wolves across the country.”

1 Wolves 3

Endangered Species Coalition (12/26/15). “Journey, or OR-7, became a beloved wolf when he made his solo 1,200-mile, 2-month trek into California in search of a mate in 2011. He became the first wolf in California since 1924, when all of his forefathers were shot, trapped, or poisoned to extinction in that state. With no female wolf to be found in California, Journey returned to Oregon where he found a mate and had pups. Yes, those are his pups in the photo!”

1 Wolves 1

Defenders of Wildlife (12/28/15). “This year, more than 80 bills and amendments were introduced to cripple the Endangered Species Act or selectively delist gray wolves and block protections for other imperiled species. Next year could be even worse.”


FEATURED IMAGE: The title of this piece, “Where Wolf? Nowhere wolf,” is a play on the famous scene in Mel Brooks’ marvelous 1974 movie Young Frankenstein. Inga (Terri Garr) declares somewhat frightened, “Werewolf!” Dr Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) responds questioningly, “Werewolf?” And eventually Igor (Marty Feldman) points and says, “There wolf.”

In 1983, Disney brought Farley Mowat’s Never Cry Wolf (1963) to the big screen. The book was a fictionalized account of Mowat’s experiences with wolves in subarctic Canada, and because of the movie, millions of people around the world discovered that wolves get through the winter by preying on vermin. Yet we have spent every year since then listening to rightwingnut politicians and hunters tell us that the wolves destroy the caribou deer elk etcetera—without a shred of evidence.