introduction to neal umphred dot com

RA­TI­O­CI­NA­TIONS OUT OF THIN AIR was the title that I wanted for this blog. But it would have been con­fusing as most people don’t know what “ra­ti­o­ci­na­tion” means and few would bother to look it up. So we’re stuck with my name with “dot com” tacked on and this is the in­tro­duc­tion to that blog. [Read more] “introduction to neal umphred dot com”

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religion is such a great thing (found poetry of donald trump)

Religion Is Such a Great Thing

(a found poem based on the state­ments of Donald Trump)


re­li­gion is such a great thing
it keeps you, you know, there’s some­thing to be good about
you want to be good when you have some­thing like that
          (it keeps you, you know)
you want to be good
you want to go to heaven
you want to be good
you want to go to heaven

heaven? [Read more] “religion is such a great thing (found poetry of donald trump)”

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the trump bucks stop here!

SUP­PORTERS OF DONALD TRUMP are told that so-called “Trump Bucks” will propel his 2024 pres­i­den­tial bid and make the buck-buyers rich when he wins and they can cash in. How would it work? Those who bought the bucks be­lieve that when Trump is re-elected, he will in­sti­tute a new mon­e­tary system that will make Trump Bucks valuable! [Read more] “the trump bucks stop here!”

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a short review of patrick mcdonnell’s “super hero’s journey”

MARVEL SU­PER­HERO COMIC BOOKS! Back in the ’60s, those were magic words for thou­sands of kids, in­cluding me and Patrick Mc­Don­nell. While both of us had dreams of being artists when we grew up, Patrick re­al­ized that dream: he is the cre­ator of the comic strip Mutts, one of the best strips out there! [Read more] “a short review of patrick mcdonnell’s “super hero’s journey””

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“my trojan horse virus recorded your solitary sex”

EMAIL CLAIMS I HAVE A TROJAN HORSE VIRUS! I re­ceived an email claiming to have breached the se­cu­rity of my com­puter and recorded me while, ahem, in­ter­acting with on­line porn. The sender at­tempted to ex­tort money from me: “I see what you’re doing. If you don’t pay, I’ll send this dirt to all your contacts!” [Read more] ““my trojan horse virus recorded your solitary sex””

just cat and dog cartoons on facebook

HOME VIDEOS OF CATS AND DOGS at play, at rest, eating, etc., re­main in­cred­ibly pop­ular on the in­ternet. Type “cat videos” into Google and you will get about 8,790,000,000 re­sults. Dog videos are even more pop­ular with about 11,040,000,000 re­sults! Cat and dog panel car­toons are not as promi­nent with about 57,000,000 and 50,000,000 re­sults, respectively. [Read more] “just cat and dog cartoons on facebook”

bleeding heart liberal cartoons on facebook

CAR­TOONS MAKE THE WORLD GO AROUND. At least, it seems like they make the po­lit­ical world go around and have been doing so for­ever. The po­lit­ical or ed­i­to­rial car­toon has been a part of Western cul­ture for cen­turies. Some his­to­rians cite Egyptian hi­ero­glyphics as their fore­runner, al­though its prac­tical be­gin­ning is a bit more recent. [Read more] “bleeding heart liberal cartoons on facebook”

who’s trying to replace a familiar word with a foreign accent mark?

MORE BOOLSCHIDT “NEW USAGE” in writing! In sev­eral ar­ti­cles in what ap­pears to be Amer­ican Eng­lish, I found writers had added a tilde (~) be­fore an amount of money. For ex­ample, a sen­tence might read, “The cost of buying orig­inal copies of all six psy­che­delic al­bums by the Straw­berry Watch Pipers in near-mint con­di­tion is ~$4,000.” [Read more] “who’s trying to replace a familiar word with a foreign accent mark?”