shawna mccarthy created a space of her own

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TWENTY ODD YEARS AGO, I was turned on to Glimpses, a novel by Lewis Shiner. I’d never heard of the author but as I don’t keep up with much of anything anymore (it’s the old age thing), that wasn’t surprising. Because of the source of the recommendation, I read the book and thought it READ MORE

socrates and elvis walk into a bar

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ELVIS AND SOCRATES walk into a bar. No, wait—should it be “Socrates and Elvis”? Either way, here’s what this post is all about: I came across a 3-minute video of Indian guru Gaur Gopal Das talking about gossip. Normally, I avoid the advice of “wise” men—especially those I have not heard READ MORE

you probably overrate that which you love

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THIS MORNING, the question on Quora was, “Who is the most overrated music star of all time?” Rather than answer the question—which I don’t believe can be answered to everyone’s satisfaction—I addressed the assumptions of the question itself.

My answer is indented below between the images of Bert Blyleven (with the ball) and Sigmund READ MORE

the heyday in the blood is tame (and what is a heyday?)

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I JUST PUT the finishing touches on a rewrite and update of an old article of mine on ’60s teen model Colleen Corby. While rereading the text and checking to see if the images were linked to their source, the opening sentence caught my attention. It read, “The term ‘supermodel’ didn’t exist when Colleen Corby READ MORE

screening for mental health risk factors for our kids

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THE REDMOND REPORTER is our local paper here in Redmond, Washington. It’s a typical smalltown paper: twenty pages with local news and advertisements. Unfortunately, I rarely pay any attention to it, but yesterday it was brought to my attention by an article on the front page of the September 7, 2108, edition.