where have my new postings gone, long time passing?

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THIS PAR­TIC­ULAR POST was written when I was un­cer­tain as to what type of blog this site would be. It was a diary/journal type of entry, and not at all what I found that I want Neal Umphred Dot Com to be. So, rather than just delete it and create an error page for the url, I’m sub­sti­tuting a joke . . .


A man was dri­ving home, drunk as a skunk. He sud­denly swerved to the left to avoid hit­ting a tree. Then he swerved to the right to avoid an­other tree.

Trees were every­where as he swerved left right left right.

Fi­nally a cop pulled him over.

The of­ficer asked, “Have you been drinking?”

The man told the cop about the trees all over the road.

“Listen, buddy,” replied the of­ficer, “that’s your air fresh­ener swinging about!”


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