accident report update: a second posting on a second day

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JUST CHECKING IN with an ac­ci­dent re­port up­date: stiff­ness and mild pain in both Berni’s and my lower neck and shoul­ders with a light headache due to the rear-ending we re­ceived in an au­to­mo­bile ac­ci­dent on Sat­urday (see pre­vious post from yes­terday). The problem area for both of us is our lower back, es­pe­cially mine: very stiff with my range of mo­tion both lim­ited and some move­ments painful.

Just re­turned from our doctor, who, after checking out our phys­ical in­juries, in­quired as to our mental health. He cau­tioned us to be alert to fog­gi­ness, es­pe­cially dif­fi­culty do any kind of math. He also asked if ei­ther of us were dizzy, or even hal­lu­ci­nating at all.

I told the doctor how Berni had woken up in the middle of last night and found me prowling around the house with a fly-swatter in my hand. She thought I was pos­sibly in a manic state.

CalvinHobbes whiplash

Of course she asked, “What are you doing at 3:00 in the morning with a fly-swatter.”

And I said, “Killing flies.”

Of course she asked, “So, have you got any?”

And I said, “Three males and two females.”

Of course she asked, “How the hell could you tell their sex?”

And I said, “Three were on a beer can and two were on the phone.”

But se­ri­ously, we are both on a week-long whiplash watch. Hoping things are better with you . . .



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