anonymity empowers cowards to become bullies

I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT BULLIES sev­eral times on this site, both from per­sonal mem­o­ries and with the still es­ca­lating in­stances of In­ternet bul­lying often re­ferred to as “trolling.” We are watching the sev­enth season of the tele­vi­sion se­ries CASTLE, and one of the episodes deals with both the type of bul­lying that I ex­pe­ri­enced fifty years ago, and the with cyber-bullying of today.

The episode is ti­tled “Meme Is Murder.”

At one point, Beckett re­marks to Castle: “You know the problem with anonymity? There is no ac­count­ability. It em­powers cow­ards to be­come bullies.”

Castle 7x05 Promo "Meme is Murder" (HD)

In an­other scene, Beckett grills the mur­derer who calls him­self Net­slayer on the In­ternet and uses a what I as­sume to be a novel ap­proach to get­ting the person to talk. I’m not cer­tain that such an ap­proach would work, but given the cir­cum­stances, it was a goof try and very interesting.

Give it a look-see. You do not have to be an in­vet­erate Castle and Beckett fan to grasp the show, the char­ac­ters, or their relationships.

For the in­ter­ested reader, here are three pieces by me about bullies:

• were you picked on for being gay (even if you weren’t)?
• my face­book page is now a “rightwingnut hate free zone”
• the end­less fruit­less bul­lying of hillary clinton

Anonymity: photo of Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic as mystery writer Richard Castle and detective Kate Beckett.

FEATURED IMAGE: Nathan Fil­lion and Stana Katic pose for this pub­licity shot as mys­tery writer Richard Castle and de­tec­tive Kate Beckett.



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