I guess I’ll just have to remain anonymous

THIS TIME, the question on Quora was “Why do you not want to be famous?” and I read it at four in the morning. That’s before I’d had the first sip of my Cafe Bustelo (a good coffee to wake up with). So I put on Miles Davis’s WALKIN’ (a good album to wake up with), took a gulp from my mug and responded with this:

If I was famous, there’d be all these interesting young men with extraordinarily exotic mind-altering drugs that I’ve never even heard of who would want to hang out with me and be my friend and have fascinating conversations about reality just because I was famous.

And there’d be all these gorgeous, slinky young women who would want to sleep with me and do things I’ve never even heard of—all of which I could do while on those extraordinarily exotic mind-altering drugs—just because I was famous.

Alas, at this point in time I’m just too damn old to take advantage of all those wonderful opportunities, so why tempt myself?

I’ll just have to remain anonymous . . .


PsychedelicLandscape 1000

FEATURED IMAGE: The lovely image at the top of this page I found on Pinterest titled “Psychedelic Landscape” (the term I had typed into Google). Looking for the artist, I traced the image back to a website called electreelife.com, which showed me a dead-end Disallowed Host page. This was a first: after years of making tens of thousands of searches on the worldwide web, I’d never come across a Disallowed Host page before. And I left the slinky young women in my imagination, where they belong.