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a short review of patrick mcdonnell’s “super hero’s journey”

MARVEL SU­PER­HERO COMIC BOOKS! Back in the ’60s, those were magic words for thou­sands of kids, in­cluding me and Patrick Mc­Don­nell. While both of us had dreams of being artists when we grew up, Patrick re­al­ized that dream: he is the cre­ator of the comic strip Mutts, one of the best strips out there! [Read more] “a short review of patrick mcdonnell’s “super hero’s journey””

just cat and dog cartoons on facebook

HOME VIDEOS OF CATS AND DOGS at play, at rest, eating, etc., re­main in­cred­ibly pop­ular on the in­ternet. Type “cat videos” into Google and you will get about 8,790,000,000 re­sults. Dog videos are even more pop­ular with about 11,040,000,000 re­sults! Cat and dog panel car­toons are not as promi­nent with about 57,000,000 and 50,000,000 re­sults, respectively. [Read more] “just cat and dog cartoons on facebook”

bleeding heart liberal cartoons on facebook

CAR­TOONS MAKE THE WORLD GO AROUND. At least, it seems like they make the po­lit­ical world go around and have been doing so for­ever. The po­lit­ical or ed­i­to­rial car­toon has been a part of Western cul­ture for cen­turies. Some his­to­rians cite Egyptian hi­ero­glyphics as their fore­runner, al­though its prac­tical be­gin­ning is a bit more recent. [Read more] “bleeding heart liberal cartoons on facebook”

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a .004 percent chance of it being a real warhol!

A RE­CENT NEWSLETTER FROM “THE HILL” in­cluded this teaser: “Have you al­ways wanted an Andy Warhol painting but never had the op­por­tu­nity? Well, here’s your chance (kind of). An art col­lector known as MSCHF ac­quired an orig­inal Warhol painting for $20,000 and is re­selling it for $250. [Read more] “a .004 percent chance of it being a real warhol!”

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because of jessica wildfire, I found martin rowson

JES­SICA WILD­FIRE IS BE­COMING one of my fa­vorite jour­nal­ists. She de­scribes her­self as an “un­flu­encer,” which I as­sume is a play on those odd crea­tures of so­cial media known as “in­flu­encers.” She is also a top writer in gov­ern­ment, health, pol­i­tics, cul­ture, and life on Medium. And be­cause of her, if rather in­di­rectly, I dis­cov­ered the art­work of Martin Rowson.

[Read more] “because of jessica wildfire, I found martin rowson”
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psychedelic mushrooms and the origins of santa claus

THE IMAGE OF SANTA CLAUS in a sleigh pulled by flying rein­deer that al­lows him to visit bil­lions of house­holds around the globe in a single night is usu­ally taken for granted. It is so much a part of “tra­di­tional” western pop cul­ture that San­ta’s origins—especially the mag­ical parts—are rarely con­sid­ered by most people. [Read more] “psychedelic mushrooms and the origins of santa claus”

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I can only think of one question I would pose linda ronstadt

I DON’T MEAN TO IG­NORE THIS, my pri­mary blog, but I have been pre-occupied with sev­eral other projects and most of my en­er­gies and at­ten­tion have gone there. One of them was finding a new theme for my blogs, which reg­ular readers should have no­ticed I did find sev­eral weeks ago. [Read more] “I can only think of one question I would pose linda ronstadt”

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patrick chappatte and will eisner and graphic journalism

I DON’T FOLLOW ED­I­TO­RIAL CAR­TOONING, al­though I cer­tainly ap­pre­ciate the fact that we may be living in its golden age. There are so many bril­liant in­di­vid­uals who com­bine po­lit­ical and so­cial in­sight with in­tel­li­gence and with along with the ability to draw! While I have paid a cer­tain amount of at­ten­tion to avid Horsey, part of that is be­cause he is so well known here in the Pa­cific Northwest. [Read more] “patrick chappatte and will eisner and graphic journalism”