we might wonder what benefits impeachment is likely to yield

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WE MIGHT WONDER what ben­e­fits im­peach­ment is likely to yield, pon­ders An­drew Bace­vich in “The Real Cover-Up: Putting Donald Trump’s Im­peach­ment in Con­text.” As to the ben­e­fits of im­peach­ment, Bace­vich be­lieves that an­swering that ques­tion “re­quires ex­am­ining four sce­narios that de­scribe the range of pos­si­bil­i­ties awaiting the nation.”

An­drew J. Bace­vich is a co-founder of the Quincy In­sti­tute for Re­spon­sible State­craft, a think-tank in Wash­ington, DC (aren’t they all there?) that “pro­motes ideas that move U.S. for­eign policy away from end­less war and to­ward vig­orous diplo­macy in the pur­suit of in­ter­na­tional peace.”

Ex­am­ining four sce­narios that de­scribe the range of pos­si­bil­i­ties about im­peaching Donald Trump.

He is also an au­thor whose most re­cent book is The Age of Il­lu­sions: How America Squan­dered Its Cold War Vic­tory, which the pub­lisher calls a “thought-provoking and pen­e­trating ac­count of the post-Cold war fol­lies and delu­sions that cul­mi­nated in the age of Donald Trump.”

Bace­vich’s cover-up piece is fea­tured in to­day’s TomDis­patch (Oc­tober 8, 2019), a newsletter that boasts it is “a reg­ular an­ti­dote to the main­stream media.” Here are the four sce­narios he en­vi­sions for the Con­gres­sional im­peach­ment of Pres­i­dent Donald Trump in the next thir­teen months:


DonaldTrump caricature Oddonley Carrilho

Car­i­ca­ture by André Car­rilho (Por­tugal).

He will do the right thing

“The first and most to be de­sired (but least likely) is that Trump will tire of being a public piñata and just quit. With the thrill of flying in Air Force One having worn off, being pres­i­dent can’t be as much fun these days. Why put up with fur­ther grief? How much more en­ter­taining for Trump to re­tire to the po­lit­ical side­lines where he can tweet up a storm and in­dulge his pen­chant for name-calling.

And think of the ‘deals’ an ex-president could make in coun­tries like Is­rael, North Korea, Poland, and Saudi Arabia on which he’s be­stowed fa­vors. Cha-ching! As of yet, how­ever, the pres­i­dent shows no signs of taking the easy (and lu­cra­tive) way out.”


DonaldTrump caricature Oddonkey Chibrit

Car­i­ca­ture by Valentin Chibrit (Ro­mania).

They will do the right thing

“The second pos­sible out­come sounds al­most as good but is no less im­plau­sible: a suf­fi­cient number of Re­pub­lican sen­a­tors re­dis­cover their moral com­pass and ‘do the right thing,’ joining with De­moc­rats to create the two-thirds ma­jority needed to con­vict Trump and send him packing.

In the Wash­ington of that classic twentieth-century film di­rector Frank Capra, with Jimmy Stewart holding forth on the Senate floor [in Mr. Smith Goes To Wash­ington] and a moist-eyed Jean Arthur cheering him on from the gallery, this might have hap­pened. In the real Wash­ington of ‘Moscow Mitch’ Mc­Connell, think again.”


DonaldTrump caricature Oddonkey Brodner 700

Car­i­ca­ture by Steve Brodner (United States).

They will do the right thing

“The third some­what seamier out­come might seem a tad more likely. It pos­tu­lates that Mc­Connell and var­ious GOP sen­a­tors facing re­elec­tion in 2020 or 2022 will cal­cu­late that turning on Trump just might offer the best way of saving their own skins. The president’s loy­alty to just about anyone, wives in­cluded, has al­ways been highly con­tin­gent, the people streaming out of his ad­min­is­tra­tion rou­tinely making the point.

So why should sen­a­to­rial loy­alty to the pres­i­dent be any dif­ferent? At the mo­ment, how­ever, in­di­ca­tions that Trump loy­al­ists out in the hin­ter­lands will re­ward such turn­coats are just about nonex­is­tent. Un­less that base were to flip, don’t ex­pect Re­pub­lican sen­a­tors to do any­thing but flop.”


DonaldTrump caricature Oddonkey DeBeeck

Car­i­ca­ture by Jan Op De Beeck (Bel­gium).

We will do the smart thing

“That leaves out­come number four, easily the most prob­able: while the House will im­peach, the Senate will de­cline to con­vict. Trump will there­fore stay right where he is, with the matter of his fit­ness for of­fice ef­fec­tively de­ferred to the No­vember 2020 elections.

Ex­cept as a source of sado­masochistic di­ver­sion, the en­tire ag­o­nizing ex­pe­ri­ence will, there­fore, prove to be a colossal waste of time and blather.”

Ex­am­ining four sce­narios that de­scribe the range of pos­si­bil­i­ties about im­peaching Donald Trump. Click To Tweet

DonaldTrump caricature Oddonkey Hoppmann 1000

FEATURED IMAGE: The image at the top of this page was cropped from the car­i­ca­ture of Donald Trump by Frank Hopp­mann of Ger­many. I found this car­i­ca­ture and the ones above in “Top 10 Donald Trump Car­i­ca­tures

This ar­ticle is a teaser to get you to click on over to Bace­vich’s ar­ticle and read it in its en­tirety. I don’t agree with every­thing the au­thor be­lieves, but I be­lieve he’s a hel­luva lot smarter and better read in this thing than I ever hope to be. I do want to ex­tend the teasing by of­fering one more quote from his article:

“Trump’s critics speak with one voice in de­manding ac­count­ability. Yet vir­tu­ally no one has been held ac­count­able for the pain, suf­fering, and loss in­flicted by the ar­chi­tects of the Iraq War and the Great Re­ces­sion. Why is that? As an­other pres­i­den­tial elec­tion ap­proaches, the ques­tion not only goes unan­swered, but unasked.”



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