whose fault is it? (on playing the blame game)

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I SUBSCRIBE TO SEVERAL NEWSLETTERS, which de­liver a videos to my mailbox every day. Most of these are short and meant to bring a smile to the viewer. In my case, a smile that early in the morning is ap­pre­ci­ated, es­pe­cially when ac­com­pa­nied by a mug of French roasted coffee.

I re­ceived this one ear­lier today from Big Geek Daddy, who claim to offer “Funny, Cool, & In­ter­esting Videos.” They lived up to that brag with an an­i­mated short-short ti­tled “The Blame Game” by Dr. Brené Brown.

I laughed at how the event played it­self out, how the narrator—who is a re­search pro­fessor and best selling au­thor and an able public speaker—laid out her non-rational ra­tio­nale for the blame, and at how much it re­minded me of too many people in my life.

I was going to post it on Face­book and write some­thing pithy like, “Sounds like every woman I have ever known—and half the men.” But, Berni watched the video and I ran my idea past her. She sug­gested that in­stead I send the video to some people in my life, all of whom I care about, each of whom is lost in blame.

I im­me­di­ately re­sponded with, “No. They might ac­tu­ally watch the video and learn some­thing . Then they might put this new knowl­edge into ac­tion, and change their lives for the better. And they might not like this—and then you know what would happen?”

“Yup,” an­swered Berni. “They’d be mis­er­able being happy.”

And I asked, “And then you know what would happen?”

“Yup,” an­swered Berni. “Then they’d blame you!”

Blame letters 1000

FEATURED IMAGE: The image at the top of this page ac­com­pa­nied the ar­ticle “De­stroy The Blame Game” on the sales-based web­site En­gage (Jan­uary 15, 2015). I added the red tint for effect.


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Now I want to hang my­self, and it’s all your fault.