blaming God for the bad but not crediting Him for the good

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IT’S QUORA QUESTION TIME AGAIN. This time the ques­tion was about the Cre­ator: “Why do people tend to blame God for the bad but never give him credit for the good?” Even though my ex­pe­ri­ence with my fellow human be­ings who are be­lievers is the exact op­po­site of that, I couldn’t re­sist livening up Quora with an answer:

God drops by my house once a month to play Cinch with me and a couple of my neigh­bors from Penn­syl­vania. It’s a card game that was pop­ular on the East Coast—God’s fa­vorite part of the planet (ex­cept, of course, for the humidity)—when I was young.

We were sit­ting there with a fresh round of Genny Cream Ales and I said, “Hey! Why do people tend to blame You for the bad but never give You credit for the good?”

He chuckled and said, “’Cause I made ’em that way.”

He left with all our money.

But then, He usu­ally does . . .


GodPlayingCards 1000

FEATURED IMAGE: The image at the top of this page must go un­cred­ited be­cause I could not find an artist’s credit. It is being used as a con­sole skin on the Pre­mium De­signer Playsta­tion 4 where it is ti­tled “Angel Vs Grim Reaper.” God wants me to tell you that He never shows up with wings and a halo but does wear a 1950s Whiz Kids base­ball cap constantly.



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