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CAR­TOONS MAKE THE WORLD GO AROUND. At least, it seems like they make the po­lit­ical world go around and have been doing so for­ever. The po­lit­ical or ed­i­to­rial car­toon has been a part of Western cul­ture for cen­turies. Some his­to­rians cite Egyptian hi­ero­glyphics as their fore­runner, al­though its prac­tical be­gin­ning is a bit more recent.

In an anec­dotal look at ed­i­to­rial car­tooning, car­toonist Liza Don­nelly said, “There have been many dif­ferent types of ed­i­to­rial car­toons over the course of Amer­ican his­tory. In 1754, Ben­jamin Franklin drew the first known po­lit­ical car­toon, which was pub­lished in his paper, the Penn­syl­vania Gazette, and dis­trib­uted across the colonies.”

Ed­i­to­rial car­toons rely on car­i­ca­ture, stock char­ac­ters, and cul­tural sym­bols to be­come tools to in­flu­ence public opinion. 

In a brief his­tory of the po­lit­ical car­toon, the Rochester In­sti­tute of Tech­nology (RIT) states:

“In modern jour­nalism, the ed­itor of the Co­lumbia En­cy­clo­pedia, Paul La­gasse, 1/2 de­fines a car­toon as ‘a single hu­morous or satir­ical drawing, em­ploying dis­tor­tion for em­phasis, often ac­com­pa­nied by a caption.’ 

The ed­i­to­rial or po­lit­ical car­toon re­lies on car­i­ca­ture, stock char­ac­ters, and cul­tural sym­bols to be­come a ‘pro­pa­ganda weapon with so­cial im­pli­ca­tions,’ a tool to in­flu­ence public opinion. 

The mea­sure of a cartoon’s suc­cess is the force of its idea, ren­dered clearly and res­onating be­yond its sub­ject of the mo­ment. The artistry is sec­ondary to the mes­sage, which should lay bare be­havior and character.”


Bleeding Heart Liberal Cartoons: cartoon by Joseph Keppler from an 1889 issue of PUCK magazine.
This car­toon by Joseph Kep­pler is ti­tled “The Bosses of the Senate Mo­nopoly Cor­po­rate In­ter­ests Lead to Sherman An­titrust Act.” It is from an 1889 issue of PUCK, the first suc­cessful humor mag­a­zine in the United States.

Bleeding Heart Liberal Cartoons

For sev­eral years, I had a page on Face­book ti­tled Bleeding Heart Lib­eral Pe­ti­tions. Every day I spent about an hour poring over newslet­ters and email re­quests to find links to causes that should at­tract those of us with a lib­eral dis­po­si­tion. While many links were of a po­lit­ical or so­cial nature—and the non-liberal po­lit­ical party in the US has turned most so­cial and per­sonal is­sues into po­lit­ical issues—my pri­mary cause was the on­going slaughter of wolves.

I thought thou­sands of people would find this page full of pe­ti­tions for worthy causes and start clicking on links; I hoped many would be­come reg­ular vis­i­tors to the page. That did not happen. The pe­ti­tions re­ceived little traffic and I ceased adding any­thing new to it a few years ago. As I wanted to keep my main Face­book page more up­beat, I changed Bleeding Heart Lib­eral Pe­ti­tions to Bleeding Heart Lib­eral Car­toons.

I have en­joyed po­lit­ical car­toons for al­most sixty years! Aside from the few avail­able to me in local news­pa­pers back in Wyoming Valley, Penn­syl­vania, when I be­came po­lit­i­cally aware in the mid-1960s, my fa­ther had a few books that col­lected the WWII car­toons of the inim­itable Bill Mauldin.

I had been posting po­lit­ical car­toons on my home page along with two other Face­book pages, Left-Leaning Grown-Up Talk and Blue Mayhem (links for both in the com­ments sec­tion below). Now, I post most of the ed­i­to­rial car­toons that I fancy on Bleeding Heart Lib­eral Car­toons.

As a sam­pler, I se­lected twelve re­cent ad­di­tions to my Face­book page by a dozen dif­ferent artists. At the time that I pub­lished this ar­ticle, there were over 200 car­toons on Bleeding Heart Lib­eral Car­toons with many, many more coming.


A Bleeding Heart Liberal Cartoons Gallery


Cartoon WelcomeSaneRepublicans MikeLuckovicj

Car­toonist: Mike Lukovich (The At­lanta Journal-Constitution)



Cartoon WitchTrial BenJennings 1

Car­toonist: Ben Jen­nings (in­de­pen­dent)



Cartoon PlacesAmericansCanFeelSafe AdamZyglis

Car­toonist: Adam Zyglis (The News)



Cartoon HauntedHouse DavidHorsey

Car­toonist: David Horsey (The Seattle Times)



Cartoon HouseGOPBibleStudy JeffDanziger

Car­toonist: Jeff Danziger (in­de­pen­dent)



Cartoon Hamas Lalo

Car­toonist: Lalo Al­ca­traz (in­de­pen­dent)



Cartoon BunchOfSquishes

Car­toonist: Bill Bramhall (The New York Daily News )



TomomTomorrow NightOfTheLivingRepublicans

Car­toonist: Tom To­morrow (in­de­pen­dent)



Cartoon OurHandsAreTied deAdder

Car­toonist: Michael de Adder (The Wash­ington Post)



Cartoon TinFoil ClayBennett

Car­toonist: Clay Ben­nett (The Chat­tanooga Times Free Press)



Cartoon PowerOSwift DanielBoris

Car­toonist: Daniel Boris (in­de­pen­dent)


TomTheDancingBug Reincarnation

Car­toonist: Ruben Bolling (in­de­pen­dent)

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