blmf literary saloon (where used books come to be found)

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I am not the owner of BLMF. 
Do not con­tact me to offer your services.


Looking for a used book­store in Seattle? Try the BLMF Lit­erary Sa­loon in the Pike Place Market!

1501 Pike Place
Suite 324
Seattle WA 98101


Monday-Sunday 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


BLMF shelves 800

“Looking for poems written by cats? A Star Wars travel guide? Maybe a book on how to sur­vive a shark­nado? You can find those and more at BLMF Lit­erary Sa­loon. Books fill the win­dows, line the shelves, pile around the floor and frame the checkout counter. All book rec­om­men­da­tions are in­di­vid­u­ally tai­lored, so if you’re looking for some­thing to pick up but don’t know what to read, ask and they’ll find the per­fect book for you!” (PPMB)


What folks are saying

“My fa­vorite bookstore.”

“My wife’s fa­vorite bookstore.”

“Visit once and it’ll be your fa­vorite book­store, too.”

“What’s the name of the guy who owns it again?”



6 thoughts on “blmf literary saloon (where used books come to be found)”

  1. Now that is what a book­store is sup­posed to look like! I’ve al­ways en­joyed the way it feels to roam the aisles of a used book­store. Not looking for any­thing in par­tic­ular, let­ting the book (okay lets face it books) find you rather than you finding them.

    It’s a feeling that has been lost in the dig­ital world of kin­dles, tablets and in­stant grat­i­fi­ca­tion (I con­fess I do use, and enjoy, a kindle).

    There is also no feeling quite like turning ac­tual pages and feeling the weight of a book but­ter­flied open in your hands.

    • B

      Yup, every town should have one!

      Any format that gets people reading is a good format.

      That said, a book with open­able pages is still the BEST format for reading ...



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