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WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT! This topic is often on the minds of all types of writers. It’s an es­pe­cially im­por­tant topic for writers who have to fill pages in a print or on­line pub­li­ca­tion where there is a dead­line and quan­tity is often more im­por­tant than quality. So why not a blog post idea generator?
The folks at the WP­Be­ginner web­site now offer that exact so­lu­tion for writers: their Blog Post Idea Gen­er­ator is “a pow­erful free on­line tool that makes it easy to come up with a lot of con­tent ideas in­stantly. Without en­tering your email ad­dress, you can gen­erate up to 29 ideas for the topic or noun you enter.” 

Of course, I had to give it a look-see so I pasted in “Ly­sergic acid di­ethy­lamide.” It gen­er­ated the same ti­tles below but with “Ly­sergic acid di­ethy­lamide” in­stead of “Necrophile.” The only problem was that the gen­er­ator only cap­i­tal­izes the first letter so each of the ti­tles ap­peared in­cor­rectly cap­i­tal­ized (such as, “How to Sim­plify Your Life with Ly­sergic acid diethylamide”).


Blog Post Idea Generator: section of the painting titled "The Hatred" by Pietro Pajetta from 1896.

Blog Post Idea Generator

So, in­stead of “Ly­sergic acid di­ethy­lamide,” I went with necrophile. (I wanted some­thing un­to­ward if only to cap­ture a little of the jaded at­ten­tion of the in­ternet audience.)

How to Sim­plify Your Life with Necrophiles

One Simple Rule About Necrophiles

Six Top Books About Necrophiles

Necrophiles: Ex­pec­ta­tions vs. Reality

The Next Big Thing in Necrophile

Top 8 Tips to Be­come a Necrophile Expert

Necrophiles: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

Be­gin­ner’s Guide to Necrophiles

Where to Find Good Necrophiles

Don’t Worry, Every­body Makes These Mis­takes with Necrophiles

Four Facts About Necrophiles

What is a Necrophile?

How to Start a Blog About Necrophiles

How to Get a Necrophile?

How to Get More Necrophiles

Never Worry About Necrophiles Again

How a Necrophile Changed My Life?

Se­crets About Necrophiles

Necrophiles Will Change Your Life!

Fif­teen Se­crets About Necrophiles That No­body Will Tell You

Will Necrophile Ever Rule the World?

How Start Your Own Busi­ness with Necrophiles Today?

All You Need to Know About Necrophiles

Necrophiles Ex­plained in Fewer than 140 Characters

Eight Things You May Not Know About Necrophiles

A Com­plete Guide About Necrophiles

What I Wish I Knew About Necrophiles

This Week’s Top Sto­ries About Necrophiles

Necrophiles: How to Stay Pro­duc­tive & Organized

My faves?

9, 10, 17, 21, 24.


Blog Post Idea Generator: section of the painting titled "The Hatred" by Pietro Pajetta from 1896.

Drafts awaiting completion

These are not bad starting titles—many a writer could use them as a spring­board for sev­eral ar­ti­cles. If you have nothing hap­pening, you could track the growth in the number of ar­ti­cles that ap­pear on­line that broach each od these topics.

In my case, I have over 300 drafts on my var­ious blogs awaiting com­ple­tion. These drafts range from a link to an ar­ticle and a few words about why the ar­ticle at­tracted me to nearly com­pleted pieces thou­sands of words in length.

And it’s time to pick one of those drafts up, finish the bugger, and pub­lish it . . .


Blog Post Idea Generator: painting titled "The Hatred" by Pietro Pajetta from 1896.

FEA­TURED IMAGE: The image at the top of this page was cropped from this image of the painting The Ha­tred by Pietro Pa­jetta (1896). It was in­spired by Lorenzo Stecchetti’s Canto dell’Odio (“Song of Hate”), which tells the story of a re­jected suitor who takes his re­venge on the corpse of his beloved. Pa­jet­ta’s painting is cur­rently lo­cated in the Museo Del Cenedese in Vit­torio Veneto, Italy. (Credit: Uni­ver­sity of Hud­der­s­field.)

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