brass-balled rightwing babe badmouths wussy liberal hollywood actresses

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THANK WHOLLY GROMMETT in Heaven that we have women like Fox News host Lisa Kennedy Mont­gomery! This brass-balled babe cer­tainly put those lib­eral elite pam­pered opin­ion­ated Hol­ly­wood ac­tresses like Gwyneth Pal­trow and An­gelina Jolie in their place for keeping their sto­ries about Harvey We­in­stein to them­selves all these years!

Ms Montgomery—who must be making the ghosts of fem­i­nists past posthu­mously proud—blasted A-list We­in­stein ac­cusers for waiting to speak up after years and years and years of silence.

How dare these nat­tering she­bobs of neg­a­tivism claim to be afraid to stand up to and go mano-a-mano with one of the wealth­iest and most pow­erful men in Hollywood!!

How dare these ac­tresses not come for­ward and dis­cuss their se­crets and their shame!!!

Ms Mont­gomery was right-on (“Right-on!”) in putting pussy Pal­trow in her proper pusil­lan­i­mous place: “It’s re­ally easy for Gwyneth Pal­trow to come for­ward in 2017, when it’s safe to tell this, when she has ben­e­fited from these re­la­tion­ships for decades.”

Pal­trow had pre­vi­ously prof­fered the pallid “I was a kid—I was pet­ri­fied” as jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for years of keeping her dirty laundry a se­cret from in­ter­ested Fox News hosts.

Oh, yeah—and from the rest of us in­no­cent bystanders.

Per­son­ally, I know that if I was a woman and I had gone to Hol­ly­wood to be an ac­tress when I was young and some in­flu­en­tial pro­ducer preyed on me—and I know this would have hap­pened be­cause I know I would have been hot as a young chick—I would have just said “No!” and told every­body what a macho pig he was and I know I would have done this then and kissed goodbye my chance at a suc­cessful ca­reer and good money be­cause I would have had my back-up job of bussing ta­bles on the midnight-to-morning shift at some 24-hour greasy spoon that catered to the scum of Los An­geles to fall back on when all the pro­duc­er’s di­rector and pro­ducer friends stopped calling me about parts but I would have had my pride and now I have the knowl­edge that Lisa Kennedy Mont­gomery would also be proud of me for being that kind of woman which she [ap­par­ently] [hope­fully] is, too . . .


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