oh yeah, the guy brings the condoms (hah!)

Es­ti­mated reading time is 2 min­utes.

EPISODE 17 OF SEASON 6 of the ABC TV se­ries Grey’s Anatomy is ti­tled “Push.” It in­cludes sev­eral on­going sub-plots, in­cluding a rel­a­tively new one: the re­cently di­vorced Dr. Mi­randa Bailey is dating for the first time in years. And there is a con­ver­sa­tion about who brings the condoms:

She turns to fellow sur­geon Dr. Callie Torres for ad­vice, who in­forms her that, as this is her third date with the same man (of course it’s an­other doctor), and as he has in­vited her to his place to cook dinner for her, he will be ex­pecting sex. 1ab

Mi­randa wisely in­quires about the pos­sible need for con­tra­cep­tion for the evening. Here is the first part of their conversation: 

Mi­randa: Con­doms?!!?

Callie: They have them in the clinic.

Mi­randa: No, no! Am I sup­posed to bring them?

Callie: Oh. Right. Yeah. Yeah. The guy brings the con­doms. Anyhow, I would’ve pegged you for the di­aphragm type.

At this point I pressed the pause button on the re­mote con­trol and howled, “No! You never ever ever ever de­pend on the man to bring the con­doms! What cen­tury is this show taking place in?!!?”

And Berni replied, “A lot of women think this way.”

To which I replied, “And that’s why they get pregnant!”

Then I pressed the play button and this followed . . .

Bailey: I have a di­aphragm. Di­aphragms pre­vent preg­nancy. They don’t pro­tect against the raft of sex­u­ally trans­mitted dis­eases. You’re a physi­cian, am I re­ally ex­plaining this to you?

Callie: I got it, I got it. Okay, you know, look. Guy brings the con­doms but some­times they fail to pro­vide them on the third date as a sign of re­spect. . . . So you know what, you should bring them. Al­ways bring them. Why trust the guy, right?

Whew! Sanity restored.

Okay, ladies, please re­member Dr. Tor­res’s ad­vice: Al­ways bring the con­doms. Why trust the guy, right? 2ab

 PS: Doncha just love how the image at the top of this page looks like some ca­vorting wee beasties under van Leeuwen­hoek’s microscope?



I thought I’d cheat here and start the foot­notes off with a couple of photos of a couple of beau­tiful women . . .



1a   For Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Mi­randa Bailey (above top) and Dr. Callie Torres (above bottom) are bril­liantly played by the lovely 9and that’s a bonus) Chandra Wilson and Sara Ramirez, respectively.

1b   We don’t all ex­pect sex on our third date. Hell, some of us don’t “ex­pect” sex at all—but it’s groovy when it happens!

2a   A di­aphragm plus a condom plus the pill works even better. And it’s okay to bring a bottle or three of wine on a third date at his place.

2b   And if my daughter is reading this she better be heeding the pearls of wisdom here and never ever ever ever ex­pect the guy to bring the condoms . . .

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