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HIS­TORY NEEDS TO KNOW that former Lieutenant-Governor of Texas Ben Barnes has ac­knowl­edged being in­volved in an ef­fort to get Iran to hold the Amer­ican hostages so that Ronald Reagan could win the pres­i­dency in 1980. This is known as the Oc­tober Sur­prise and there is a trail from this through the Bushes to Barnes.

My pre­vious post (“Why The Hell Wasn’t This Oc­tober Sur­prise Story Fol­lowed For Years?”) ad­dressed the block­buster ar­ticle “A Four-Decade Se­cret: One Man’s Story of Sab­o­taging Carter’s Re-election” that ap­peared in the March 18, 2023, issue of The New York Times. It con­cerned Barne’s re­cent rev­e­la­tory admission/confession.

Why did main­stream media fail to follow the Oc­tober Sur­prise story de­spite having known about it for years?

In my ar­ticle, I asked a simple ques­tion: Why did a promi­nent mover and shaker in the US main­stream media fail to follow this story de­spite having known about it from a re­li­able source for years?

I am fol­lowing my ar­ticle with a look at two other ar­ti­cles that were pub­lished after mine. The first is Greg Palast’s “Reagan’s Treason, Two Bushes and the $23 Mil­lion Payoff” from Palast’s web­site (the text below).

That is fol­lowed by Jon Schwarz’s “A Short His­tory of Everyone Who Con­firmed Reagan’s Oc­tober Sur­prise Be­fore the New York Times” from The In­ter­cept (which fol­lows in a sep­a­rate article).

Be­fore pro­ceeding, you might want to read my ear­lier ar­ticle. To do that, click here.


Bushes to Barnes: cropped image from photo collage of Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, and American hostages.

Following the money

Here are Palast’s state­ments that are in a sim­ilar spirit to the ques­tions in my ar­ticle (and I have edited Palast’s text a wee bit for this article):

“In 1980, Carter’s failure to bring home the hostages de­stroyed his chance of re­elec­tion. Reagan ul­ti­mately would repay the favor from Iran’s murder-crats [sic] with weapons.

Why did Barnes sud­denly blow the whistle on this crime four decades late? His cute ex­cuse, re­ported without ques­tion by The New York Times, is that ‘His­tory needs to know that this happened.’

Wrong. ‘His­tory’ doesn’t need to know—Amer­ican voters needed to know about Reagan’s treason be­fore the 1980 elec­tion [em­phasis added].

So, then, why did Barnes squirrel away the truth for decades? Follow the money.

It’s a money trail that leads to two Bushes who would not have be­come pres­i­dent if not for Barnes’ si­lence about Iran—and Barnes’ omertà about an­other creepy Bush scheme.”


Bushes to Barnes: cropped image from photo collage of Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, and American hostages.

From Bushes to Barnes

Palast backs up this state­ment by fol­lowing the money to Barnes’ re­la­tion­ship with the Bushes. Palast notes that it was Barnes who in­fa­mously used his con­nec­tions and clout to get then-Congressman George Bush Sr.’s son into the Texas Air Guard over thou­sands of more-qualified applicants.

Palast then fol­lowed the money to GTech, a com­pany that ran the Texas lottery:

“Texas had dis­qual­i­fied GTech from op­er­ating the state lot­tery based on strong ev­i­dence of cor­rup­tion. But oddly, the new Gov­ernor of Texas, George W. Bush, fired the lot­tery di­rector who banned GTEch. Then Bush’s new lot­tery com­mis­sioner gave GTech back its multi-billion-dollar con­tract, no bidding.

No­tably, Bush’s firing of the state’s lot­tery di­rector came two days after a meeting with GTech’s lobbyist—Ben Barnes.

Barnes’ fees from GTech? $23 million.”

To read the com­plete Palast ar­ticle, click here.

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Bushes to Barnes: photo collage of Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, and American hostages.

FEA­TURED IMAGE: The image at the top of this page was cropped from this image. It is a photo-collage made of what ap­pears to be three pho­tographs. Un­for­tu­nately, there are no credits for the image on Palast’s website.


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