I can only think of one question I would pose linda ronstadt

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I DON’T MEAN TO IGNORE THIS, my pri­mary blog, but I have been pre-occupied with sev­eral other projects and most of my en­er­gies and at­ten­tion have gone there. One of them was finding a new theme for my blogs, which reg­ular readers should have no­ticed I did find sev­eral weeks ago. The new “look” is cour­tesy of the free Gen­erate Press theme tweaked with CSS Hero. READ MORE

patrick chappatte and will eisner and graphic journalism

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I DON’T FOLLOW EDITORIAL CARTOONING, al­though I cer­tainly ap­pre­ciate the fact that we may be living in its golden age. There are so many bril­liant in­di­vid­uals who com­bine po­lit­ical and so­cial in­sight with in­tel­li­gence and with along with the ability to draw! While I have paid a cer­tain amount of at­ten­tion to avid Horsey, part of that is be­cause he is so well known here in the Pa­cific North­west. READ MORE

we might wonder what benefits impeachment is likely to yield

DonaldTrump caricature Oddonkey Hoppmann 1500 crop

WE MIGHT WONDER what ben­e­fits im­peach­ment is likely to yield, pon­ders An­drew Bace­vich in “The Real Cover-Up: Putting Donald Trump’s Im­peach­ment in Con­text.” As to the ben­e­fits of im­peach­ment, Bace­vich be­lieves that an­swering that ques­tion “re­quires ex­am­ining four sce­narios that de­scribe the range of pos­si­bil­i­ties awaiting the na­tion.”

An­drew J. Bace­vich is a co-founder of the Quincy In­sti­tute for Re­spon­sible State­craft, a think-tank in Wash­ington, DC (aren’t they all there?) READ MORE

michael sowa is composed surreally cryptic

BadHare Sowa 1500 1

WHILE I WAS PLAYING with themes in search of a new look for Rather Rare Records over the past few weeks, I posted a page with a note of apology and ex­pla­na­tion for all to see. To make the post eye-catching, I found this sur­re­ally cryptic painting by Michael Sowa and used it as the page’s fea­tured image.

I re­ally like the painting and miss seeing it here, so I’m posting it again right here on this oth­er­wise point­less page that has nothing to do with col­lecting rather rare records. READ MORE

wild wild western washington

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THE CASCADES are a range of moun­tains that cut a wild and wide slash through the state of Wash­ington from top to bottom. That part of the state be­tween the Pa­cific Ocean and those moun­tains is Western Wash­ington; that part be­tween the moun­tains and the rest of the United States is Eastern Wash­ington.

It is Western Wash­ington that everyone thinks of when they think “Wash­ington”: clouds and rain, Seattle and lattes, bum­ber­shoots and grunge, and more rain. READ MORE

the astounding creatures of masayoshi matsumoto

Matsumoto octopus 1500 1

MASAYOSHI MATSUMOTO uses bal­loons only! He has taken care to keep a very low pro­file: he is 25-years-old and a re­cent grad­uate of Tokyo In­sti­tute of Tech­nology, where he studied organic polymer ma­te­rials. I did find what ap­pears to be his web­site at Iso­presso. There he claims:

“I make many things with bal­loons. The im­ages that are posted on this page are made only from bal­loons. READ MORE

evgeny kiselev and the invisible landscape

EvgenyKiselev Esc 1500

PSYCHEDELIC ART is not easily de­fined. Wikipedia de­fines it as “any art in­spired by psy­che­delic ex­pe­ri­ences known to follow the in­ges­tion of psy­choac­tive drugs such as LSD and psilo­cybin. The word ‘psy­che­delic’ means ‘mind man­i­festing.’ By that de­f­i­n­i­tion, all artistic ef­forts to de­pict the inner world of the psyche may be con­sid­ered psy­che­delic.” Is that neb­u­lous enough for you? READ MORE