wild wild western washington

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THE CASCADES are a range of moun­tains that cut a wild and wide slash through the state of Wash­ing­ton from top to bot­tom. That part of the state be­tween the Pa­cific Ocean and those moun­tains is West­ern Wash­ing­ton; that part be­tween the moun­tains and the rest of the United States is East­ern Wash­ing­ton.

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evgeny kiselev and the invisible landscape

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PSYCHEDELIC ART is not eas­ily de­fined. Wikipedia de­fines it as "any art in­spired by psy­che­delic ex­pe­ri­ences known to fol­low the in­ges­tion of psy­choac­tive drugs such as LSD and psilo­cy­bin. The word 'psy­che­delic' means 'mind man­i­fest­ing.' By that de­f­i­n­i­tion, all artis­tic ef­forts to de­pict the in­ner world of the psy­che may be con­sid­ered psy­che­delic." Is that CONTINUE READING