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TWENTY ODD YEARS AGO, I was turned on to Glimpses, a novel by Lewis Shiner. I'd never heard of the au­thor but as I don't keep up with much of any­thing any­more (it's the old age thing), that wasn't sur­pris­ing. Be­cause of the source of the rec­om­men­da­tion, I read the book and thought it might be an CONTINUE READING

new mom-and-pop, brick-and-mortar book store opens in redmond

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THE U.S. CENSUS of 2010 un­cov­ered sev­eral dozen full-time book-lovers among the 59,000 res­i­dents of Red­mond, Wash­ing­ton. Like most such read­ers, these res­i­dents re­quired a reg­u­lar in­take of new and old books, and while some of their needs were filled by the King County Li­brary System's branch in Red­mond, other needs have gone sorely lack­ing.


pangur bán and the nameless monk

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EVERYBODY KNOWS what a co­in­ci­dence is: "The oc­cur­rence of events that hap­pen at the same time by ac­ci­dent but seem to have some con­nec­tion" — at least ac­cord­ing to Merriam-Webster. But of course it's not that sim­ple: 'real' co­in­ci­dences not only catch our at­ten­tion, they res­onate with us.

Real co­in­ci­dences seem to 'mean some­thing,' even CONTINUE READING

philosophical mutts and zen master cats

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GUARDIANS OF BEING is a col­lab­o­ra­tion be­tween Eck­hart Tolle (words) and Patrick Mc­Don­nell (pic­tures). I have en­thused over it since its pub­li­ca­tion in 2009, and have rec­om­mended it to every­one! The book de­scribes beau­ti­fully and play­fully how philo­soph­i­cal mutts and zen mas­ter cats help in ground­ing hu­man be­ings — call us out of our rever­ies, our wor­ries, and our self-absorption, CONTINUE READING

did he just say something sacrilitigious?

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FACEBOOK GETS MY ATTENTION in the early morn­ing hours as I sip my cof­fee and wait for that part of my brain/mind that ra­ti­o­ci­nates to kick into gear. I scroll through my time­line and when an in­ter­est­ing im­age catches my at­ten­tion, I read it, and some­times chime in. I try to be pos­i­tive and hu­mor­ous: yes­ter­day I made a some­what silly com­ment CONTINUE READING

a roaring of tense colors and interlacing of opposites (on dada)

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THERE ISLITERATURE that does not reach the vo­ra­cious mass. It is the work of cre­ators, is­sued from a real ne­ces­sity in the au­thor, pro­duced for him­self. It ex­presses the knowl­edge of a supreme ego­ism, in which laws wither away.

Every page must ex­plode, ei­ther by pro­found heavy se­ri­ous­ness, the whirl­wind, po­etic frenzy, the new, the CONTINUE READING