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hugo ball and sound poetry (o gadji beri bimba)

HUGO BALL’S SOUND POETRY may seem a mere stringing of words to­gether to many readers or lis­teners. It is a form of verse without words. “Sound po­etry is an artistic form bridging lit­erary and mu­sical com­po­si­tion in which the pho­netic as­pects of human speech take the fore­ground in­stead of the more con­ven­tional se­mantic and syn­tactic values.” [Continue reading]


mark twain on being a writer and a reader

“WHEN MARK TWAIN OPENED HIS MOUTH, strange things came tum­bling out. Things like hoaxes, jokes, yarns, ob­scen­i­ties, and non se­quiturs. He had a drawl—his ‘slow talk,’ his mother called it—that made his sen­tences long and sin­uous. One re­porter de­scribed it as a ‘little buzz-saw slowly grinding in­side a corpse.’ [Continue reading]