addicted to marvel tales annual 1 (marvel comics 1964 part 2)


THIS ARTICLE is one of twenty-four ‘book reviews’ addressing my introduction to and immediate addiction to Marvel superhero comics in the summer of 1964. Before reading this, I recommend that you read the first part, “addicted to marvel comics 1964,” which provides the background for the what follows here and subsequent articles. These READ MORE

a zen fable by fred schrier

Zen SandGarden 1600 ZenFable

I DON’T MUCH LIKE much of the artwork that is considered psychedelic that has been done since the ’80s. For me, the perfection of modern psychedelic art since the 1980s loses the kinesthesia of the acid experience and leaves me (and that is me by my “i”-less self living my Zen fable) devoid of any READ MORE