addicted to marvel tales annual 1 (marvel comics 1964 part 2)


THIS ARTICLE is one of twenty-four 'book re­views' ad­dress­ing my in­tro­duc­tion to and im­me­di­ate ad­dic­tion to Mar­vel su­per­hero comics in the sum­mer of 1964. Be­fore read­ing this, I rec­om­mend that you read the first part, "ad­dicted to mar­vel comics 1964," which pro­vides the back­ground for the what fol­lows here and sub­se­quent ar­ti­cles. These twenty-four in­di­vid­ual parts will CONTINUE READING

addicted to marvel comics 1964 part 1

Kirby FantasticFour 1500 copy

LIKE MANY KIDS of the Baby Boomer gen­er­a­tion, I grew up read­ing comic books. In fact, comic books have been a part of my life for so long that I can't re­call ever hav­ing not read them. At first, it was Walt Dis­ney Comics & Sto­ries and other Dell type fun­ny­books — and fun­ny­books as said and meant by par­ents was one word. Then CONTINUE READING

a zen fable by fred schrier

Zen SandGarden 1600 ZenFable

I DON'T MUCH LIKE much of the art­work that is con­sid­ered psy­che­delic that has been done since the '80s. For me, the per­fec­tion of mod­ern psy­che­delic art since the 1980s loses the kines­the­sia of the acid ex­pe­ri­ence and leaves me (and that is me by my "i"-less self liv­ing my Zen fa­ble) de­void of CONTINUE READING