socrates and elvis walk into a bar

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ELVIS AND SOCRATES walk into a bar. No, wait—should it be “Socrates and Elvis”? Either way, here’s what this post is all about: I came across a 3-minute video of Indian guru Gaur Gopal Das talking about gossip. Normally, I avoid the advice of “wise” men—especially those I have not heard CONTINUE READING

you probably overrate that which you love

SigmundFreud Surrealists 1500

THIS MORNING, the question on Quora was, “Who is the most overrated music star of all time?” Rather than answer the question—which I don’t believe can be answered to everyone’s satisfaction—I addressed the assumptions of the question itself.

My answer is indented below between the images of Bert Blyleven (with the ball) and Sigmund CONTINUE READING

symbolist poet arthur rimbaud has nothing to do with this post

ArthurRimbaud caricature Pericoli 1500 crop

ANOTHER DAY, another question on Quora begging for an answer from me. (Well, maybe not begging, but looking like it requires my attention.) Hopefully, my answer will be unlike others that will be posted and if it doesn’t inform, will at least entertain.

The question was, Can you name an artist or musician CONTINUE READING

I guess I’ll just have to remain anonymous

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THIS TIME, the question on Quora was “Why do you not want to be famous?” and I read it at four in the morning. That’s before I’d had the first sip of my Cafe Bustelo (a good coffee to wake up with). So I put on Miles Davis’s WALKIN’ (a good album to CONTINUE READING

screening for mental health risk factors for our kids

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THE REDMOND REPORTER is our local paper here in Redmond, Washington. It’s a typical smalltown paper: twenty pages with local news and advertisements. Unfortunately, I rarely pay any attention to it, but yesterday it was brought to my attention by an article on the front page of the September 7, 2108, edition.


wordpress publish button is like a gun with the safety off

NRA IverJohnson 1500

FOR THOSE READERS who have their own WordPress sites, I assume you occasionally do what I (alas) consistently do: mistakenly click the Publish button on the right side of your Edit Post work page when you meant to click the Save Draft button. To overstate the situation: leaving the Publish button exposed is like leaving CONTINUE READING

those fabulous furless geek brothers (rendered unimportant by recent events)

BigBangTheory caricature Jsoleb 1500

THE BIG BANG THEORY is an endlessly rewatchable show: aside from the fabulous characters and the intertwining of their personal lives, the dialog is chock-a-block full of humor of all sorts, from the zany to the kind that requires the viewer either have a reasonable IQ or access to the Internet to look things up. CONTINUE READING

a glossary of terms for understanding wordpress

AndersNoren Hitchcock 1500

WORDPRESS. I don’t write about it because I am not technically qualified to say much. All my sites were built by me using WordPress and are maintained by me. I was able to follow most directions, even though many were poorly written. It took too much time and was unnecessarily difficult and frustrating—five years and CONTINUE READING

and, lo, a bodhisattva savant rose in the west

Bodhisattva wall China 1500

I SPEND SO MUCH TIME researching the various topics that I write about, I really don’t have much time left to read others’ blogs—which is a shame, because we are living through some kind of golden age of freedom of expression of whatever the hell you wanna say and have the actual possibility of having CONTINUE READING

now ain’t that a helluva coincidence?

CharliesAngels FullThrottle devil 1500

I START THE DAY with my usual mug of coffee and while there’s usually too much on my mind, today it’s simple: I can’t get the song “Australia” from the Kinks’ album ARTHUR out of my mind. My head bobs up and down and my body sways to the rhythm and melody and the delightful CONTINUE READING

my facebook page is a rightwingnut hate free zone

JermX VancouverMap 1500

BLOODY HELL, but I am fed up with the racism and the homophobia and the misogyny and all the other hate-based ‘isms’ behind an endless stream of comments posted by rightwingnuts on Facebook and in the Comments sections of otherwise decent websites. Now we have to wade through their foul comments fueled by their latest CONTINUE READING

a crusty old fart answers a question about today’s popular music

HeavyMetal art Nicolasaviori 1500

ON QUORA,  a young man asked me to answer the burning question, “What do heavy metal music fans think about modern pop music?” my first thought was, “Wow! Did you come to the wrong person!” Then i though, “I can do this and have some fun along the way.

I’m posting my response here on CONTINUE READING

the lollygagging is over and “the endless sixties” is up and running!

BernieBoston FlowerPower 1600

AFTER TWO WHOLE YEARS of lollygagging, dillydallying, pussyfooting, and plain old farting around, I finally (FINALLY!) got my new blog off the ground: The Endless Sixties is up and running and waiting for readers. There are half a dozen articles already posted plus the homepage, and everyone should read the introductory homepage first, of CONTINUE READING

look it up! (then research everything you looked up)

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BACK UP AN ARGUMENT by quoting something found on a website and, regardless of your intelligence or your research skills, you’ll likely be told, You can’t believe anything you read on the internet.” My normal rejoinder is to point out that’s akin to saying that you can’t believe anything you read in CONTINUE READING

big bad eagle steals dinner from baby fox who killed an innocent rabbit

Eagle FoxRabbit 1 1500

BERNI CAME HOME LAST NIGHT and immediately asked me to look up a video on the internet that had everyone’s attention—at least where she worked. It was a local story that had something to do with a fox and an eagle. I went to my trusty browser and typed in “eagle fox” and there were CONTINUE READING

caustic sarcasm ain’t the same thing as thoughtful irony

Sarcasm BigBangTheory3

IN RECENT CONVERSATIONS and in reading articles, blogs, and comments on the internet, I hear the word ‘sarcasm’ used interchangeably with ‘irony.’ I point out that irony ain’t the same as sarcasm, which requires a caustic intent. Since we are now at a time when everyone thinks themselves as right as the next guy and CONTINUE READING