o gadji beri booboo (guardian of our being)

Gadji behindrock 1500 crop

SHE IS RUNNING ABOUT here there every­where at once making a noise be­tween a growl a meow a touch of purr hel­terskel­tering off the walls fur­ni­ture things hu­mans can’t see bounding from room to room back again be­tween my legs Berni’s legs around our legs with no ap­parent goal ex­cept the run it­self all the while grounding us Berni and me guarding our being and just who is she! READ MORE

do you think that popeye and olive oyl drank earl grey at tea time?

Popeye 1

I DON’T KNOW WHY, but for the past forty or so years I have had my self con­vinced that I did not like Earl Grey tea! Was it de­nial? Some form of cog­ni­tive dis­so­nance? Just plain stub­born­ness? Now, the slightly oily, slightly tangy taste beckons me ’round the clock—not that I need con­stant dosing with caf­feine. READ MORE

jurassic sex: fossil catches ancient bugs in the act

Jurassic Insects Sex

THE TITLE OF THIS POST, “Fossil Catches An­cient Bugs in the Act,” was the head­line for a piece in to­day’s Seattle Times (No­vember 7, 2013). Ac­cording to the paper, “Sci­en­tists say a fossil re­cov­ered in south­eastern China de­picts two in­sects locked in sexual con­gress roughly 165 mil­lion years ago, the oldest such relic ever dis­cov­ered.” READ MORE

my bhl petitions on facebook (bleeding heart liberal petitions)

I SUBSCRIBE TO SEVERAL NEWSLETTERS that are ac­cu­rately re­ferred to by my less-enlightened brothers and sisters—you know them as “conservatives”—as being of the “bleeding heart lib­eral” (BHL) ilk. You know: things like global cli­mate change, en­dan­gered species, women’s/gay/minority rights (no­tably any steps to­ward equality for any or all groups who do not cur­rently enjoy that status), let­ters to the Pres­i­dent, Con­gress, large cor­po­ra­tions, etc., READ MORE