because she could see the future!

Psychic CrystalBall 2000

BEFORE I MET BERNI—who is the light of me life, the fickle of me fancy, my reason for laughing for crying for living for dying (she’s my soul and my heart’s inspiration!)—I dated a lot of women. I mean, a LOT. Once, about sev­en­teen years ago, I almost—ALMOST!!!—had a gen­uine psy­chic girl­friend!

Now, I know that that’s not that dif­fi­cult these day—seems your local town psy­chic is as common in most areas as your local vil­lage idiot is in Texas. READ MORE

old habits die hard bump shooosh, bump shooosh

TheHaunting women 1500 crop

OLD HABITS DIE HARD. Who has not heard that hoary saw? Whether it’s al­ways so, I don’t know, but I do know that cer­tain habits that I formed while sharing a bed with my brother Charles when we were kids be­came SO much a part of me, that I simply ceased to no­tice their pres­ence in my nightly rit­uals.

In our shared bed­room on Warren Av­enue, the left side of the bed facing the door that led into the hall and then to the stairs that led to the first floor. READ MORE