is the consistent misuse of “moot” is just a moo point anyway?

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SEVERAL WORDS ARE MISUSED with great consistently—and often great dexterity—on the in­ternet. “Moot” is one of them. Given that it can be used as a noun, a verb, and an ad­jec­tive, it’s not sur­prising that users get things mixed up and be­come mis­users and even abusers. While its use as an ad­jec­tive is what I want to ad­dress here, I might as well give you the whole she­bang. READ MORE

what should we be doing with the norman lear library?

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NORMAN LEAR IS BACK ON TOP! It started on May 22, 2019, when ABC tele­vi­sion broad­cast “Live In Front Of A Studio Au­di­ence: Norman Lear’s All In The Family And The Jef­fer­sons.” The show con­sisted of live “recre­ations” of two episodes from the orig­inal “All In The Family” and “The Jef­fer­sons” from the 1970s. READ MORE

what turns you off about loaded questions about tom cruise?

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IF I GAVE A DAMN about the per­sonal lives of ac­tors and artists—if I let the things they say and do keep me from their accomplishments—I might not have any books to read, any records to hear, any movies to see. Thank­fully, Wholly Grom­mett in His Fi­nite Wisdom did not create me that way: I don’t give a damn about the per­sonal lives of these people (un­less, of course, they’re mon­sters of some sort). READ MORE

on the “rich lifestyles” of music artists and movie stars

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TODAY’S QUESTION ON QUORA that caught my at­ten­tion was, “How do music artists have such rich lifestyles if every­body pi­rates their music?” Since I had just fin­ished my mon­ster mug of Cafe Bustelo—and I tried honey in­stead of my usual light brown sugar as a sweet­ener, which I won’t be doing again—I thought I’d give it a go. READ MORE

the cost of going to the movies back then and right now

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A WHILE AGO, I re­sponded to a post on my Face­book thread about going the movies these days, in­cluding the price of tickets and con­ces­sions, ex­ces­sive sound sys­tems, rude viewers, etc. I am now a se­nior, so the price of tickets seem too high, and I haven’t shelled out a cent for ob­scenely over­priced candy, pop­corn, and soft-drinks in decades! READ MORE

harry dean stanton made clint eastwood seem downright garrulous

READING ABOUT MOVIES be­fore the In­ternet, I often came across de­scrip­tions of Gary Cooper as being Hol­ly­wood’s most la­conic actor. That’s not a common word, nor one that was taught in the class­rooms of America in the ’60s. Ac­cording to Merriam-Webster, Cooper was “using or in­volving the use of a min­imum of words,” which does sum up many of the char­ac­ters he played in his day. READ MORE

is “auto focus” an out-of-focus half-assed piece of garbage?

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IT’S NOT OFTEN that I am moved to write a piece about a movie based on a re­view of the movie in­stead of the movie it­self. But last night I watched Auto Focus with Greg Kin­near playing actor Bob Crane. I knew very little about Crane’s life, ex­cept that he was the star of Hogan’s He­roes, had a HUGE lust for women—lots and lots of women—and for video­taping his ac­tiv­i­ties with those women.