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is “auto focus” an out-of-focus half-assed piece of garbage?

IT’S NOT OFTEN that I am moved to write a piece about a movie based on a re­view of the movie in­stead of the movie it­self. But last night I watched Auto Focus with Greg Kin­near playing actor Bob Crane. I knew very little about Crane’s life, ex­cept that he was the star of Hogan’s He­roes, had a HUGE lust for women—lots and lots of women—and for video­taping his ac­tiv­i­ties with those women.

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where were the hoary hosts of hoggoth? (a review of “dr. strange” the movie)

I FINALLY SAW IT—Dr. Strange, the movie. I say “fi­nally” as I am one of the dying breed of guys who bought and col­lected Marvel comic books in the ’60s as the magic was hap­pening. (And by the Hoary Hosts of Hog­goth, face facts: it was al­most ex­clu­sively guys who read su­per­hero comics at the time.) [Continue reading]

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on being eminently beddable (my crush on marisa tomei)

FOLLOWING MY POST on being bul­lied for merely being be­lieved to be gay in high school with a nice bit of musing on at­trac­tive women seemed ap­pro­priate to reaf­firm my status as a het­ero­sexual of manly man. So, here I in­tro­duce the term Em­i­nently Bed­d­able (EB) and ex­plain its ori­gins and then very briefly dis­cuss a movie star who I be­lieve fits the de­scrip­tion perfectly. [Continue reading]