a black list and a northwest mallard

Mallards 1500 crop

THE REDMOND BRANCH of the King County Li­brary System (KCLS) is a couple of miles from our house. I headed there around two one af­ter­noon last week to pick up the first season’s worth of The Black­list, a tele­vi­sion se­ries that my sister Mary Alice had been en­cour­aging me to see. [Continue reading]

johnny depp’s secret inspiration for captain jack sparrow is out of the closet!


THE TRUTH IS OUT! It has been common “knowl­edge” for years that actor Johnny Depp based his idio­syn­cratic and af­fec­ta­tious phys­ical and con­ver­sa­tional man­ner­isms and quirks for his Cap­tain Jack Sparrow char­acter from the Pi­rates Of The Caribbean movies on those of the Rolling Stones’ partially-living legend Keith Richards. [Continue reading]

chick flicks versus buddy flicks


WHEN A MOVIE IS MADE about an in­cred­ibly tal­ented fe­male ath­lete (skater, gym­nast, dancer come to mind) who somehow hurts her­self in a manner so tragic that it ends her promising/active ca­reer, but through per­se­ver­ance, hard work, and the love and sup­port of family and friends, she makes a re­mark­able come­back and is even more amazing as a dam­aged ath­lete than she was as a psy­chi­cally per­fect ath­lete, etcetera, it’s called a chick-flick. [Continue reading]