buggered by doc martin and company


THE BRITISH SERIES Doc Martin has been rec­om­mended to Berni and me by sev­eral people with whom we share sim­ilar tastes in that form of en­ter­tain­ment. As we both tend to enjoy the better British pro­gram­ming and movies, we looked for­ward to the show. After I got home from work on Thursday evening, we sat down with dinner and slipped the disc in to watch. READ MORE

lost in austenland with the jane austen book club

LostInAusten 1500

RECOMMENDED for home movie viewing: in this case, a triple-feature based on the works of a fa­mous nov­elist whose name has been known to scare oth­er­wise brave men. (And it may take a few nights to watch the three, as they take up more than six hours of time.) The three videos are The Jane Austen Book Club and Austen­land and the tele­vi­sion mini-series Lost In Austen. READ MORE

a black list and a northwest mallard

Mallards 1500 crop

THE REDMOND BRANCH of the King County Li­brary System (KCLS) is a couple of miles from our house. I headed there around two one af­ter­noon last week to pick up the first season’s worth of The Black­list, a tele­vi­sion se­ries that my sister Mary Alice had been en­cour­aging me to see. It was a beau­tiful day for a walk and I just mo­seyed along down Avon­dale Road, be­coming one with the walk, my (small ‘z’) zen ex­er­cise for the day). READ MORE

johnny depp’s secret inspiration for captain jack sparrow is out of the closet!


THE TRUTH IS OUT! It has been common “knowl­edge” for years that actor Johnny Depp based his idio­syn­cratic and af­fec­ta­tious phys­ical and con­ver­sa­tional man­ner­isms and quirks for his Cap­tain Jack Sparrow char­acter from the Pi­rates Of The Caribbean movies on those of the Rolling Stones’ partially-living legend Keith Richards.


That was al­ways just a ruse by Depp and his people to steer at­ten­tion away from the actor’s real source, his real real in­spi­ra­tion for Cap­tain Jack Sparrow: Ellen Barkin playing recently-murdered Steve Brooks learning to walk in high heels in his/her re­cently God-given body as a woman, Amanda Brooks! READ MORE

why would anyone design movie subtitles that ruin movie watching?

HouseCards 800

IN MY HOME, we do not watch tele­vi­sion as an on­going, up-to-the-minute medium. We do watch tele­vi­sion se­ries that come highly rec­om­mended to us. We do not have cable or any other modern doohickey for pulling sig­nals out of the air. Nor do we sub­scribe to Net­flix or any other renting or­ga­ni­za­tion.

We use the King County Li­brary System, one of the best in the country. READ MORE

tuesdays with morrie schwartz and the little wave

TuesdaysWithMorrie photo 4 1600 1

AT OUR HOUSE, we watch a lot of movies, but never any ac­tual tele­vi­sion shows—at least as they are being broad­cast. We don’t have cable and our set isn’t set up to pick up local sta­tions. We do pick up highly rec­om­mended tv se­ries on DVD and then we binge-watch!

We have re­cently en­joyed Ally McBeal (keep in mind that no matter their age, these shows are ‘new’ to us), Six Feet Under, Weeds (great balls of fire but Mary-Louise Parker gets more lovely as she ages), The Big Bang Theory (still in progress), The Big C, and Third Rock From The Sun (which tends to­wards the te­dious). READ MORE

chick flicks versus buddy flicks


WHEN A MOVIE IS MADE about an in­cred­ibly tal­ented fe­male ath­lete (skater, gym­nast, dancer come to mind) who somehow hurts her­self in a manner so tragic that it ends her promising/active ca­reer, but through per­se­ver­ance, hard work, and the love and sup­port of family and friends, she makes a re­mark­able come­back and is even more amazing as a dam­aged ath­lete than she was as a psy­chi­cally per­fect ath­lete, etcetera, it’s called a chick-flick. READ MORE

john ford and woody allen and stanley kubrick (and clint eastwood)

WoodyAllen caricature Fluharty header

TWO OF MY FAVORITE DIRECTORS are John Ford and Woody Allen. For the former, think Harry Carey and Henry Fonda and John Wayne. Men’s and wom­en’s men. For the latter, think Diane Keaton and Mia Farrow and Diane Wiest and Mira Sorvino and Scar­lett Jo­hansson and Pene­lope Cruz. Men’s and wom­en’s women.

Mr. Ford made his male leads fa­mous while Mr. READ MORE