can we call trump’s tweeted temper tantrums “tweetrums”?

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RESPONDING TO A QUESTION on Quora, I used my answer as the basis for a short article that I titled, “Conservatives Not Exactly Enthralled by Trump Are a Problem.” I was addressing what I assumed was a conservative individual who posted that some conservatives “aren’t exactly enthralled” with Trumps’ presidency.

The point of my piece CONTINUE READING

conservatives not exactly enthralled by trump are a problem

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THIS ONE IS A DOOZY! The question on Quora was, “Would liberals be surprised to learn that conservatives aren’t exactly enthralled with Donald Trump either?” One must make some assumptions when engaging other Internetally, so I assume that the person who posted this question is politically conservative. I also assume that he assumes that asking CONTINUE READING

it was fifty years ago today, mayor daley sent his troops to play

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MY SEVENTEENTH YEAR of this life-cycle opened with the Viet Cong launching the Tet Offensive, in which they put the lie to everything our government, our military, and our media had been telling us about the war “over there.” This supposedly causes President Lyndon Johnson to announce that he will not seek re-election.


the hydra of hate bubbling beneath america’s surface

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I SKIPPED “MONSTER TALK” with Blake Smith as he prepared for CryptidCon in the latest Skeptic newsletter. The question “What does science have to tell us about monsters” didn’t attract my interest. Nor did common misconceptions about the origins and development of identical and fraternal twins. But I did eye the key article by CONTINUE READING

george zimmerman and self-defense

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I RARELY PAY ATTENTION to the letters written in to the local newspaper. Too many letters are from misinformed individuals who almost always vote Rep*blican and actually believe that Limbaugh and Beck and O’Reilly are sources for actual “news.”

I am astounded by the people willing to put their name in print and claim credit CONTINUE READING

an experiment that actually curbed hate speech on the internet

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I HATE BULLIES and internet trolls are bullies, ergo, I hate trolls. But aside from Facebook—where I can keep them curbed by excluding them from my comment thread—I have little interaction on social media platforms on the internet. Hence, I have little interaction with bullies and trolls on the internet—although there sure are a CONTINUE READING

barbara lee and the boundless consequences of war

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SO YOU THINK YOU’RE RIGHT and everybody else is wrong?” I heard those words from my father many times while growing up. Of course, the rationale behind those words is sound: most of the times we hold an opinion that differs with that of 99% of everybody else, then 99% of the time we CONTINUE READING

lies, damn lies, fake news, and the misinformation ecosystem

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FAKE NEWS AIN’T NEW NEWS. The term has been in fairly regular if not quite common use for years: it initially referred to the mis/disinformation and propaganda circulated by the thousands of well-connected, rightwing radio talk shows for propaganda. It grew to even vaster proportions with the emergence of the millions of ‘conservative’ websites and CONTINUE READING

in a dark time, the eye begins to see a world of early childhood damage

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WE LIVE IN A WORLD of early childhood damage, says Morris Berman. This is what caught my eye when I was turned on to Berman’s website, Dark Ages America. The reader will find below excerpts from an interview with Berman by Murray Cox for Omni magazine (August 1991 issue).

What follows is an abridged version CONTINUE READING

right-wing extremists inject hateful rhetoric

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AS I HAVE MENTIONED over and over again, the prevalence (that’s a bit of understatement there) and virulence of rightwingnuts on various social media on the Internet—how they inject hate and fear here, there, and everywhere. I thought I’d let someone with a bigger pulpit reiterate some of my points: in October 2017, Right Wing CONTINUE READING

I did not pay that woman with whom I did not have sexual relations to not talk about not having sexual relations with me!

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I DON’T GIVE A HOOT what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms, in their offices, in a hotel room, or in the White House. I don’t care that Donald Trump may have had some sexual relations or any other kind of relations with Stormy Davis—although the Forbes magazine thing is funny.CONTINUE READING

when my people are in control vs. when your people are in control

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A RECENT QUORA posed the question, “Why is there such animosity between liberals and conservatives in the United States?” A Tom Wetzel offered an intelligent comment that opened with this statement: “It’s ironic in a certain way. Both Democrats and Republicans espouse forms of liberal ideology that are intensely pro-capitalist.”


oliver stone and clint eastwood and all those silly conspiracy theories

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IN A RECENT POST on The Round Place In The Middle (“If I Tweeted“), host Nondisposablejohnny addressed a variety of issues with hypothetical tweets, including several about the 1991 movie JFK by Oliver Stone. This led me to want to address all those silly conspiracy theories out there. These non-twittered tweets worked as CONTINUE READING

have you heard? NFL football now america’s least favored sport!

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NFL NOW AMERICA’S LEAST FAVORED SPORT! What the Fudd!??! Can that be true? Well, it depends on who you want to believe and how low your threshold of credulity: “According to a poll by the Winston Group, 42% of men between the age of 35-54 had a favorable view of the NFL in September, CONTINUE READING

why do we count people who never vote as voters?

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A LOCAL COUNTRY CLUB gives you a free lifetime membership with full access to its gorgeous 18-hole golf course. Nice, right? But what if you have never hit a golf ball outside of a miniature golf course. What if you have absolutely no interest in ever playing golf—how much would such a gift count CONTINUE READING

our world is choking on plastic (demand corporations do their part to end it)

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AN ARTICLE TITLEDMore plastic than fish in the sea by 2050” draws attention to a new Ellen MacArthur Foundation report on plastics and the oceans of our world. Greenpeace constructed their consciousness-raising quote for their current “Demand big corporations do their part to end plastic pollution” petition (in bold grey CONTINUE READING