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right-wing extremists inject hateful rhetoric

AS I HAVE MENTIONED over and over again, the preva­lence (that’s a bit of un­der­state­ment there) and vir­u­lence of rightwingnuts on var­ious so­cial media on the Internet—how they in­ject hate and fear here, there, and every­where. I thought I’d let someone with a bigger pulpit re­it­erate some of my points: in Oc­tober 2017, Right Wing Watch fea­tured “White Su­premacy Fig­ured Out How To Be­come YouTube Fa­mous” by Jared Holt. [Continue reading]

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I did not pay that woman with whom I did not have sexual relations to not talk about not having sexual relations with me!

I DON’T GIVE A HOOT what two con­senting adults do in the pri­vacy of their bed­rooms, in their of­fices, in a hotel room, or in the White House. I don’t care that Donald Trump may have had some sexual re­la­tions or any other kind of re­la­tions with Stormy Davis—although the Forbes mag­a­zine thing is funny. [Continue reading]

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have you heard? NFL football now america’s least favored sport!

NFL NOW AMERICA’S LEAST FAVORED SPORT! What the Fudd!??! Can that be true? Well, it de­pends on who you want to be­lieve and how low your threshold of credulity: “Ac­cording to a poll by the Win­ston Group, 42% of men be­tween the age of 35-54 had a fa­vor­able view of the NFL in Sep­tember, but has since dropped to 31%—making it the least fa­vored major sport on the survey.” [Continue reading]

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our world is choking on plastic (demand corporations do their part to end it)

AN ARTICLE TITLEDMore plastic than fish in the sea by 2050” draws at­ten­tion to a new Ellen MacArthur Foun­da­tion re­port on plas­tics and the oceans of our world. Green­peace con­structed their consciousness-raising quote for their cur­rent “De­mand big cor­po­ra­tions do their part to end plastic pol­lu­tion” pe­ti­tion (in bold grey print below) from this report. [Continue reading]