brain picking a few essential books on typography

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I’VE NOT DONE THIS BEFORE, but what the hey! To have ad­di­tional in­for­ma­tion tied in with my other posts on ty­pog­raphy, I have copied and pasted an en­tire ar­ticle from Maria Popo­va’s Brain Pick­ings web­site. I have edited it so that you can read just the re­views here and move on cer­tain books, or you can do the smart thing and click on over to Maria’s site and read the whole thing as she in­tended it.


robert bringhurst and elements of typographic style

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EYE-CATCHING TYPOGRAPHY has al­ways in­ter­ested me, even be­fore art classes in high school. Re­cently I did some re­search in hopes of adding some ty­po­graph­ical sparkle to my sites. I pulled sev­eral books from the li­brary, each of which was en­joy­able to read, ed­u­ca­tional, but of little as­sis­tance: the reason being that both Word­Press and the themes that I am using are lim­ited in how many of the ideas could ac­tu­ally be implemented. [CONTINUE READING]

what the fuck part 3 (wtf are all these acronyms about?)

WTF WhatTheFuck stamps 1500

WHAT THE FUCK PART 3 was written months ago as a follow-up the an­other posted piece, “what the fuck part 2 (an et­y­mo­log­ical look at every­one’s fa­vorite four-letter word),” posted April 25, 2014. Both pieces more or less ad­dress the un­kil­l­able urban legend that the word fuck is an acronym—a word formed from the ini­tial letter or let­ters of each of the suc­ces­sive parts or major parts of a com­pound term that form a new word). [CONTINUE READING]