nuts roughly eaten may cause immortality

NUT EATERS ARE HEALTHIER, slimmer and stronger, study says,” by Mar­i­lynn Mar­chione for the As­so­ci­ated Press ap­peared at the very bottom of the front page of to­day’s Seattle Times (No­vember 21, 2013, page A1). And while the Editor-generated head­line is awk­ward enough (how about “Study says nut eaters healthier, slimmer and stronger”), I want to focus on how the in­for­ma­tion is pre­sented to the reader. [CONTINUE READING]

dimwits are all around me, they’re everywhere I go

Dimwit AlfredENeuman 1500

THE DIMWIT’S DICTIONARY by Robert Hartwell Fiske con­sists of ap­prox­i­mately 4,000 en­tries of words and phrases that the au­thor be­lieves in­di­cate less than op­timal thinking and writing. The Dimwit’s Dic­tio­nary is a com­pi­la­tion of thou­sands of “dimwit­ti­cisms”—in­cluding clichés, col­lo­qui­alisms, id­ioms, and the like—that people speak and write ex­ces­sively. [CONTINUE READING]