improper-but-no-longer-incorrect word usage alert!

IMPROPER-BUT-NO-LONGER-INCORRECT word usage alert: ac­cording to Merriam-Webster On­line, the word dec­imal as an ad­jec­tive means (in order) “num­bered or pro­ceeding by tens; or based on the number 10; es­pe­cially ex­pressed in or uti­lizing a dec­imal system es­pe­cially with a dec­imal point; or sub­di­vided into 10th or 100th units.” [Continue reading]

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tough year ahead for mcdonalds just ain’t so

THIS IS NOT WHAT I INTEND my “Strunk­and­whiten It!” cat­e­gory to be about, but it does qualify as a misuse of the language—although in this case, it may be in­ten­tional cam­ou­flage. I am often sur­prised by the way large, HUGELY suc­cessful cor­po­ra­tions are treated and de­scribed in the fi­nan­cial sec­tions of newspapers. [Continue reading]

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palestinian prisoners restart talks with palestinian representatives

FROM TODAY’S SEATTLE TIMES (July 21, 2003) comes a piece ti­tled “Is­rael OKs freeing some pris­oners to restart talks” (page A4). Got that: Pales­tinian pris­oners restart talks with Pales­tinian rep­re­sen­ta­tives. Now, prepo­si­tional phrases (like “to restart talks”) work best when they are placed as close as pos­sible to the word that they are modifying.  [Continue reading]

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for want of a hyphen (“I want hyphen”)

FROM TODAY’S SEATTLE TIMES (July 19, 2013) and a piece ti­tled “Gun-rights group sues city over emails al­legedly with­held”: An or­ga­ni­za­tion called Wash­ington Cease Fire is de­scribed as “an anti-gun vi­o­lence group.” Tech­ni­cally, this is cor­rect: the hy­phen is nec­es­sary to link “anti” with “gun.” [Continue reading]