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Avid Record Collector Category


ONCE UPON A TIME, I contributed a column about collectable records to Pulse! magazine. Pulse! (with the annoying exclamation mark) was the in-house magazine that every customer could pick up for free every day in every Tower Records store in the world!

My column was titled The Avid Collector and ran for several years in the early ’90s. I was given free rein by my editors to write about whatever caught my fancy—and so I did. Examples included:

•  Full Radial Vivid Sound-O-Rama: Collectors Flip Over Dramatic Early Stereo Sides (May 1993)

  No Place for a Street Fighting Man: The Stones’ Holy Grail Picture Sleeve (March 1993)

  The Great Lost Beach Boys Masterpiece: While SMILE Was Never Released, It’s Possible to Tape a Version Off Later Beach Boys Release (December 1992)

Except for occasionally misspelling my first name (Neil instead of Neal), the Pulse! people were easy to work with and the Pulse! readers were a good audience.

Originally, I used a modified version of that column’s title—Avid Record Collector—as a category here on Neal Umphred Dot Com. But I started a second blog, Rather Rare Records, and moved the record collecting articles there.

Consequently there is neither an Avid Record Collector category nor tag here on my flagship site  . . .


Tower Records in Los Angeles in 1976. For readers interested in the history of the operation, check out “The Rise And Fall Of Tower Records” by Ben Marks on the Flashbak website.



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