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ONCE UPON A TIME, I con­tributed a column about col­lec­table records to Pulse! mag­a­zine. Pulse! (with the an­noying ex­cla­ma­tion mark) was the in-house mag­a­zine that every cus­tomer could pick up for free every day in every Tower Records store in the world! My column was ti­tled “The Avid Col­lector” and ran for sev­eral years in the early ’90s. I was given free rein by my ed­i­tors to write about what­ever caught my fancy—and so I did.

Ex­am­ples included:

•  Full Ra­dial Vivid Sound-O-Rama: Col­lec­tors Flip Over Dra­matic Early Stereo Sides (May 1993)

  No Place for a Street Fighting Man: The Stones’ Holy Grail Pic­ture Sleeve (March 1993)

  The Great Lost Beach Boys Mas­ter­piece: While SMILE Was Never Re­leased, It’s Pos­sible to Tape a Ver­sion Off Later Beach Boys Re­lease (De­cember 1992)

Ex­cept for oc­ca­sion­ally mis­spelling my first name (Neil in­stead of Neal), the Pulse! people were easy to work with and the Pulse! readers were a good audience.

Orig­i­nally, I used a mod­i­fied ver­sion of that column’s title—Avid Record Collector—as a cat­e­gory here on Neal Umphred Dot Com. But I started a second blog, Rather Rare Records, and moved the record col­lecting ar­ti­cles there.

Con­se­quently, there is nei­ther an Avid Record Col­lector cat­e­gory nor tag here on my flag­ship site.


TowerRecords LosAngeles 1976 1500

Tower Records in Los An­geles in 1976. For readers in­ter­ested in the his­tory of the op­er­a­tion, check out “The Rise And Fall Of Tower Records” by Ben Marks on the Flashbak website.



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