shhh ... I’m starting a conspiracy theory here to get people masked and vaccinated

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SSSH­H­HHHH! I’m starting a con­spiracy theory here to scare people into get­ting masked and vac­ci­nated. I want to spread a rumor that the coro­n­avirus is re­ally a con­spiracy by the élite alien rep­tiles to pass their sperm from human to human.

They do this by using the mois­ture in a sneeze or a cough or a kiss or even just in speaking as their medium to im­preg­nate people and turn “us” into “them.”

That way, when an un­masked person sees an­other un­masked person sneeze, he has to think, “Eewww! Is that an alien rep­tile having an orgasm?”


Conspiracy Theory Here: closeup of an Alien Reptile's eye.

FEA­TURED IMAGE: The image at the top of this page was lifted from the ar­ticle “The Sil­urian Hy­poth­esis” by Rich Cohen on The Paris Re­view web­site from Jan­uary 23, 2020. Ac­cording to this “hy­poth­esis,” the rep­tiles among us aren’t aliens at all, but rem­nants of an ad­vanced civ­i­liza­tion that pre­ceded hu­mans on this planet, the rep­tilian Silurians:

“It’s not re­ally a new idea. An­cient mys­tical texts hint at ear­lier cre­ation, the life that pre­ceded the Garden, pre­quels to Gen­esis. . . . The ev­i­dence is every­where. Some stu­dents of con­spiracy be­lieve there was a time when lizard people shared the earth with modern men, the older race dying as the younger emerged from the forest.

The last of the lizards were wor­shipped as gods; these were the deities of an­cient India and Greece. . . . You can see the lizard kings in carv­ings from Mesopotamia, the oldest his­tor­ical records, where hu­mans bow be­fore rep­tile men.

You find them again in the Torah, where they ap­pear as Nephilim, the so-called watchers . . . which no priest, min­ister, or rabbi can prop­erly explain.”

To read Co­hen’s ar­ticle in its en­tirety, click here.



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