creativity rears its head when inspiration strikes

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MY FORMER KITTEN Gadji Booboo (click on the link to find out about that name) is now a 1-year old cat and no longer boasts the mi­nus­cule waist­line of yore. We let her out­doors on a leash but she seems to pick up every flea and at­tract every other cat and dog in the neigh­bor­hood! Also, we live near a wooded area and coy­otes are a problem.

So she is in­doors most of the time and, while she will­ingly plays fetch with us (with a “ball” of wadded paper, no less), she ain’t burning off enough calo­ries. Es­pe­cially during the long winter months.

So, she just at­tempted to leap up to the win­dowsill in my of­fice, a narrow af­fair to be sure (four inches wide). Her once wee nether re­gions are now a bit more than the ledge is com­fort­able sup­porting and she wasn’t able to get a perch on the sill.

Con­se­quently, she fell off. And watching a cat fail to make a leap or fall off of any­thing may be funny, but it’s not a good sign

No damage, but Berni watched and as she picked her up, made up a spur-of-the-moment rhyme worthy of a blackly hu­mored greeting card:

Fatty fatty, two-by-four,
You can’t sit up there no more!

Just thought I would share the mo­ment with you where cre­ativity rears its head when in­spi­ra­tion strikes . . .


Creativity rears its head: Warner Brothers drawing of Wile E. Coyote

FEATURED IMAGE: Warner Brothers pro­duc­tion pencil drawing of Wile E. Coyote, the world’s most fa­mous coyote. PS: The Hu­mane So­ciety has a page de­voted to “What you need to know about pro­tecting your pets and com­mu­nity cats from coy­otes.”


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