what the damn dems are doing and what they ain’t

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SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE! I re­ceived this ar­ticle among my daily mail­ings of pro­gres­sive newslet­ters: “De­moc­rats Me­thod­i­cally Strip­ping Re­pub­li­cans Of Im­mi­gra­tion Ex­cuses.” The de­scrip­tion of the piece:

“Throughout the im­mi­gra­tion de­bate, Re­pub­li­cans have run phony ex­cuses for delay, De­moc­rats keep strip­ping them away, and the process keeps moving for­ward. The only ques­tion is: How many more ex­cuses do Re­pub­li­cans have to cycle through be­fore this kabuki dance ends?”

I hope to Wholly Grommet that the “only ques­tion” is meant to be rhetor­ical, be­cause of these folks don’t know the an­swer yet, I am not cer­tain that I need their newsletter.

Here is what I want to read in my email: “De­moc­rats Uni­lat­er­ally Strip Re­pub­li­cans Of Fil­i­buster.” Until then, I am as tired of the Dems’ “kabuki dance” as I have been of the Re­pub­li­cans’ for a long long time.

This is a moral disgrace

The para­graphs below are from “The Fil­i­buster Against the Job­less: A Moral Dis­grace” by Robert Borosage for Cam­paign for Amer­i­ca’s Fu­ture (Feb­ruary 12,2014). The in­tro­duc­tion to the piece on the CFAF’s Pro­gres­sive Break­fast newsletter reads:

 “This is a moral dis­grace. The ‘re­covery’ tracked by econ­o­mists has left over 20 mil­lion Amer­i­cans still in need of full-time work. Many search des­per­ately for work for months without suc­cess. Many have given up com­pletely and dropped out of the workforce.

They get no as­sis­tance. Those re­ceiving job­less ben­e­fits are the most res­olute, still looking after four months, trying to find work that will sup­port their families.

The Re­pub­li­cans that blocked this aid—and they were all Republicans—express ill-concealed scorn for these Amer­i­cans. These are, in their view, part of the 47% of ‘takers’ who Mitt Romney dis­counted. So Re­pub­li­cans de­vise var­ious ra­tio­nales for turning their backs on those in dis­tress.

If the Re­pub­lican “fil­i­buster against the job­less” is a “moral dis­grace,” then is not the De­moc­rats al­lowing that fil­i­buster to occur equally disgraceful?

Damn Dems: screen of artwork depicting ancient Kabuki actors.

FEATURED IMAGE: The image at the top of this page is a screen of an­cient Kabuki ac­tors. “Kabuki is a clas­sical Japanese dance-drama known for the styl­iza­tion of its drama and for the elab­o­rate make-up worn by some of its per­formers. Kabuki is some­times trans­lated as the ‘art of singing and dancing.’ The ex­pres­sion kabuki­mono re­ferred orig­i­nally to those who were bizarrely dressed. It is often trans­lated into Eng­lish as ‘strange things’ or the ‘crazy ones,’ and re­ferred to the style of dress worn by gangs of samurai.” (Wikipedia)


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