what weren’t the democrats thinking about?

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DEBACLE DAY should be the name of Elec­tion Day 2014 for the De­mo­crat Party. I mean, what weren’t the de­moc­rats thinking about? After the elec­tion, I re­ceived these fig­ures from a newsletter from the De­mo­c­ratic Con­gres­sional Cam­paign Com­mittee (DCCC).

They deal with five in­di­ca­tors of the state of our union at the time that Obama took of­fice (Jan­uary 2009) and today (No­vember 2014). The num­bers are easily un­der­stood: they form the basis for a strong, im­pres­sive ar­gu­ment for just how good a job that Obama and his fellow De­moc­rats have done since the de­bacle (nice word, nyet?) of the Bush ad­min­is­tra­tion that was dri­ving this country into the ground.

So, why didn’t the idjit De­moc­rats run LOUDLY on just these five statements?

Any ques­tion from any source to any De­mo­c­ratic can­di­date should have led back to the can­di­date brag­ging on these five points!


Of course, to have all the De­mo­c­ratic can­di­dates run­ning for of­fice on the same page at the same time would have re­quired Rep*blican-like or­ga­ni­za­tional in­stincts and skills, some­thing laugh­ably lacking in both De­mo­c­ratic can­di­dates and party leaders.

Ho hum and what weren’t the De­moc­rats thinking about?

RogersWill cowboy photo 1000

“I am not a member of any or­ga­nized po­lit­ical party—I am a De­mo­crat!” (Will Rogers)


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Amen! Dems did a poor job. Should have had their “talking points” set. But as usual, fellow dems were too pre­oc­cu­pied with their own par­tic­ular re-election (read: dis­tance self from OBama).

Thanks for quoting my mentor in pol­i­tics, Will Rogers. He, and Mark Twain, plus Robert Hein­lein are the tri­umvi­rate upon whom I base my un­der­standing of modern democ­racy. No­tice the small m and d!

I jus’ wish ’em Rep*blicans don’t see it comin’. Be­cause ya­know, “us south­erners has our ways.” To prob­ably mis­quote an­other hero.

Oh, oh, oh... I’m sorry it took a few daze, and a phone call to reply, but I’m get­ting round to the neighborhood.
Those five talking points leave an empty chamber in the mag­a­zine! More than enough to pre­vent any dem from blowing their own foot off while get­ting on stage.
Next stop, Lordsburg!

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