entangled in a symphony of brightness

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En­tan­gled in a sym­phony of brightness
the uni­verse is
the wisdom of the me­chanics of miracles

the uni­verse is
eternal still­ness = spir­i­tual human observation

the uni­verse is
the un­ex­plain­able (who which that) in­spires sub­jec­tive self-knowledge

the uni­verse is
the fu­ture :  il­lu­mi­na­tions, de­scrip­tions of potentiality

                      evo­lu­tion, the ground of im­mortal actions
                      ex­is­tence, the heart of sub-empirical bliss

The in­vis­ible reg­u­lates karmic ex­ternal reality,
your heart is a modality of bound­less photons,
and imag­i­na­tion is re­born in un­par­al­leled success.

knowl­edge is en­tan­gled in a sym­phony of
bright­ness (as) the web of life im­parts reality
to pro­gres­sive ex­pan­sion of positivity
(while) the cosmos differentiates
into an ex­pres­sion of choices

Tran­scen­dence arises and sub­sides in pre­cious silence.

 arises and subsides
 in pre­cious silence)

is . . .

The web of life
re­sults from ephemeral

The se­cret of the universe
is mir­rored
in humble positivity.

Eternal still­ness reg­u­lates uni­versal knowledge,
(while) per­cep­tual re­ality is in­side vis­ible balance.

in­for­ma­tion in­flu­ences spir­i­tual energy

true iden­tity is the con­ti­nuity of
de­scrip­tions of
space time events

Hidden meaning is in­herent in di­men­sion­less joy,
whole­ness nur­tures new observations;
non-judgment un­der­takes subtle boundaries.

Knowl­edge (still) self interacts
with in­fi­nite (yet) ab­stract beauty.

Emo­tional intelligence
quiets (still) great reality
with in­fi­nite (yet) ab­stract beauty.

The phys­ical world is
(yet) a modality of (still)
in­trinsic ex­ternal reality.

is . . .


Fouatih BlackHoles1

FEATURED IMAGE: This piece of fractal art of a hy­po­thet­ical black hole was done by Hamza Riadh. “Ever won­dered what black holes looks like! Main fractal gen­er­ated in Apoph­ysis, post processed in Ps with a back­ground from NASA.” I don’t know what it means ei­ther, but Mr Riadh hopes you do!


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