governor scott walker as the face of republicanism today

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GOVERNOR SCOTT WALKER as the face of Re­pub­li­canism today: “Today is a huge day in Wis­con­sin’s gov­er­nor’s race; pro­gres­sives from all across the country are joining to­gether in a Ched­dar­bomb to sup­port Mary Burke’s cam­paign to de­feat Scott Walker. This is now even more im­por­tant since it’s our first chance to re­spond to new rev­e­la­tions of Walk­er’s in­creas­ingly overt corruption:

Cor­po­rate dark-money group Wis­consin Club for Growth didn’t just sup­port Walk­er’s campaign—it ef­fec­tively func­tioned as part of his cam­paign, with a Walker aide ad­vising him to tell donors he could ac­cept un­lim­ited, undis­closed, cor­po­rate con­tri­bu­tions for his cam­paign if the con­tri­bu­tions went to Club for Growth.

On Sunday, news broke that Scott Walk­er’s ad­min­is­tra­tion agreed to give a $6,000,000 [six mil­lion] tax break to a cor­po­ra­tion [Ashley Fur­ni­ture] that may lay off nearly 2,000 Wis­consin workers. And less than a month later, the owners of that cor­po­ra­tion gave Walk­er’s cam­paign $20,000.”

The para­graphs quoted above are from a newsletter emailed by Pro­gres­sives United this morning and reprinted here to call at­ten­tion to soooooo many things that have gone and are going due to laws passed by Re­pub­li­cans and rules passed by Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices.

Oh, and just how easily and cheapily (sic) people like Gov­ernor Walker can be bribed!

Or is it bought?


Well, you know . . .

Face of Republicanism: Cartoon of Governor Scott Walker by Phil Hands for the Wisconsin Sate Journal.

Car­toon by Phil Hands for the Wis­consin State Journal.


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