the endless fruitless bullying of hillary clinton

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BERNIE SANDERS’ MOMENTUM was built on the en­thu­siasm and en­ergy of younger voters. But this may have been a mo­men­tary lapse: un­less you live in a cave of your own making, you should know that voters under the age of 30 are among the most ap­a­thetic in our coun­try’s his­tory. Hoping that they will change may be fruitless.

They are the least likely to put down what­ever they are doing on Elec­tion Day and trouble them­selves to get on down to the polls and vote.

Like I just said, hoping that they will change may be fruitless.


What we have learned about dig­ging up dirt on Hillary is that there is no dirt to dig up. No wonder the vast rightwing con­spiracy is flum­moxed!


Se­ri­ously, folks, the normal turnout for the under-30 crowd is the lowest of any age bracket by a long shot! There­fore, for get­ting so many of these people mo­ti­vated, we owe Sanders an enor­mous howl of approval!

But these same youthful fans also need a big boo for their treat­ment of Hillary Clinton, whom they treat with the type of con­tempt usu­ally as­so­ci­ated with misog­y­nistic rightwingnut troglodytes.

Now, while Bernie swept up the young, Hillary kept the ma­jority of sea­soned (ma­ture?) Dems on her side.


Horsey cartoon Berniebro copy 2

Here a gate, there a gate

If these young whip­per­snap­pers were as sharp as their con­de­scending tone often im­plies, shouldn’t they be asking those of us who marched in Selma for Civil Rights (not me) and demon­strated in DC against the Vietnam War (me), burned our draft cards (me) and burned our bras (ahem), were part of the Stone Wall Re­volt in 1969 (not me) and the orig­inal Earth Day in 1970 (me), etc., a simple question:

Why do so many of us be­lieve Hillary Clinton?

Be­cause we have lived through all the rightwing lies of the past twenty-five years about her and her hus­band. And we paid attention:

•  They lied about Whitewatergate.
•  They lied about the Travelgate.
•  They lied about Fostergate.
•  They lied about Filegate.
•  They lied about Chinagate
•  They lied about Benghazigate.
•  They lied about this gate.
•  They lied about that gate.

They lied about her daughter and they lied about her hus­band: y’all re­member all those bodies in Arkansas? the black he­li­copters? the jack-booted stormtroopers? (and they’re coming to take your guns ha-ha!) 

And throughout all this, Hillary Clinton spoke truth!


Fruitless: Cartoon (2) of Hillary and a Berniebro by David Horsey.

Car­toon by the in­es­timable David Horsey for The Los An­geles Times.

Why no Committeesgate?

To us, Beng­hazi­gate and Email­gate are just more of the same damn lies. But there is a BIG dif­fer­ence: so many young Bernie fans—people sup­pos­edly on our side—seem so willing to swallow the swill!

To us, you are being lied to and manipulated—and when it’s pointed out to you, you don’t be­lieve us. You be­lieve the bul­lies and liars who keep bul­lying and ac­cusing others (Mc­Govern, Kerry, Gore, Clinton, etc.) of being liars.

(And anyone who has read this site knows one thing about me: I hate f*cking bul­lies.)

And so many Bernie fans seem to want to side with those bullies!

I don’t get it: why aren’t there any in­ves­ti­ga­tion into the end­less string of fruit­less in­ves­ti­ga­tion. Why is there no Rep*blican Con­gres­sional Committeegate.

Hell, since all these dumb Con­gres­sional in­ves­ti­ga­tions get sad­dled with the “gate” suffix be­cause of the 1972 Wa­ter­gate Scandal, why not call our in­ves­ti­ga­tion of these end­less, fruit­less in­ves­ti­ga­tions Gate­gate?


Brock Seduction

The Seduction Of Hillary Clinton

Here’s a fac­tu­ally cor­rect state­ment: Hillary Rodham Clinton may be one of the most lied-about and ver­bally bul­lied in­di­vid­uals in modern his­tory. The amount of time in ac­tual man-hours spent in­ves­ti­gating her life by in­ves­tiga­tive jour­nal­ists and re­searchers for the end­less string of Re*blican-led Con­gres­sional com­mit­tees is mind-boggling.

And all we have learned—that is, we who have on ir­ra­tional ha­tred of her—is what David Brock learned twenty years ago when dig­ging up dirt on Clinton for his book The Se­duc­tion Of Hillary Rodham: there was no dirt to dig up.

Hillary Clinton may be one of the most lied-about and ver­bally bul­lied in­di­vid­uals in modern his­tory! Click To Tweet

Gate castle 1500 crop

FEATURED IMAGE: I found this fab­u­lous photo of an an­cient castle gate fronting an ar­ticle ti­tled “Ad­di­tional Power for the Gate­keeper” on the IESE Busi­ness School website. 

The title of this piece is in­tended to be ironic: the end­less bul­lying of Hillary Clinton has been any­thing but fruit­less for the vast rightwing con­spiracy and the 65,000,000 votes who be­lieve one lie after an­other, or I wouldn’t be writing this!


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