the endless fruitless bullying of hillary clinton

BERNIE SANDERS’ MOMENTUM was built on the enthusiasm and energy of younger voters. But this may have been a momentary lapse: unless you live in a cave of your own making, you should know that voters under the age of 30 are among the most apathetic in our country’s history. Hoping that they will change may be fruitless.

What we have learned about digging up dirt on Hillary is that there is no dirt to dig up. No wonder the vast rightwing conspiracy is flummoxed!

They are the least likely to put down whatever they are doing on Election Day and trouble themselves to get on down to the polls and vote.

Like I just said, hoping that they will change may be fruitless. 

Seriously, folks, the normal turnout for the under-30 crowd is the lowest of any age bracket by a long shot! Therefore, for getting so many of these people motivated, we owe Sanders an enormous howl of approval!

But these same youthful fans also need a big boo for their treatment of Hillary Clinton, whom they treat with the type of contempt usually associated with misogynistic rightwingnut troglodytes.

Now, while Bernie swept up the young, Hillary kept the majority of seasoned (mature?) Dems on her side.


Here a gate, there a gate

If these young whippersnappers were as sharp as their condescending tone often implies, shouldn’t they be asking those of us who marched in Selma for Civil Rights (not me) and demonstrated in DC against the Vietnam War (me), burned our draft cards (me) and burned our bras (ahem), were part of the Stone Wall Revolt in 1969 (not me) and the original Earth Day in 1970 (me), etc., a simple question:

Why do so many of us believe Hillary Clinton?

Because we have lived through all the rightwing lies of the past twenty-five years about her and her husband. And we paid attention:

•  They lied about Whitewatergate.
•  They lied about the Travelgate.
•  They lied about Fostergate.
•  They lied about Filegate.
•  They lied about Chinagate
•  They lied about Benghazigate.
•  They lied about this gate.
•  They lied about that gate.

They lied about her daughter and they lied about her husband: y’all remember all those bodies in Arkansas? the black helicopters? the jack-booted stormtroopers? (and they’re coming to take your guns ha-ha!) 

And throughout all this, Hillary Clinton spoke truth!


Fruitless: Cartoon (2) of Hillary and a Berniebro by David Horsey.

Cartoon by the inestimable David Horsey for The Los Angeles Times.

Why no Committeesgate?

To us, Benghazigate and Emailgate are just more of the same damn lies. But there is a BIG difference: so many young Bernie fans—people supposedly on our side—seem so willing to swallow the swill!

To us, you are being lied to and manipulated—and when it’s pointed out to you, you don’t believe us. You believe the bullies and liars who keep bullying and accusing others (McGovern, Kerry, Gore, Clinton, etc.) of being liars.

(And anyone who has read this site knows one thing about me: I hate f*cking bullies.)

And so many Bernie fans seem to want to side with those bullies!

I don’t get it: why aren’t there any investigation into the endless string of fruitless investigation. Why is there no Rep*blican Congressional Committeegate.

Hell, since all these dumb Congressional investigations get saddled with the “gate” suffix because of the 1972 Watergate Scandal, why not call our investigation of these endless, fruitless investigations Gategate?


The Seduction Of Hillary Clinton

Here’s a factually correct statement: Hillary Rodham Clinton may be one of the most lied-about and verbally bullied individuals in modern history. The amount of time in actual man-hours spent investigating her life by investigative journalists and researchers for the endless string of Re*blican-led Congressional committees is mind-boggling.

And all we have learned—that is, we who have on irrational hatred of her—is what David Brock learned twenty years ago when digging up dirt on Clinton for his book The Seduction Of Hillary Rodham: there was no dirt to dig up.

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Gate castle 1500 crop

FEATURED IMAGE: I found this fabulous photo of an ancient castle gate fronting an article titled “Additional Power for the Gatekeeper” on the IESE Business School website. 

The title of this piece is intended to be ironic: the endless bullying of Hillary Clinton has been anything but fruitless for the vast rightwing conspiracy and the 65,000,000 votes who believe one lie after another, or I wouldn’t be writing this!




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    Just opened my latest AlterNet newsletter and here is the opening article: “A new survey of 461 Sanders delegates who attended the Democratic National Convention found that less than one-fifth said they now planned to personally vote for Clinton.”

    Political naiveté, or just plain stoopitidy?

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