General Observations Fix

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ONCE UPON A TIME, there lived a cat­e­gory on the Neal Umphred Dot Com blog named “Gen­eral Ob­ser­va­tions.” Since I never seemed to use this cat­e­gory, I deleted it. But I failed to add a bit of data to the site to lead readers from “Gen­eral Ob­ser­va­tions” to an­other category.

Well, the crawlers at Google Search Con­sole stum­bled over that cat­e­gory and warned me that it led readers to a blank page—a sort of in­ternet Limbo—and that I should “fix” the issue post-haste.

Con­sider the para­graph above to be that fix. Since you are here and of course I want to keep you here for as long as pos­sible, here are two other links for your use:

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