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“my trojan horse virus recorded your solitary sex”

EMAIL CLAIMS I HAVE A TROJAN HORSE VIRUS! I re­ceived an email claiming to have breached the se­cu­rity of my com­puter and recorded me while, ahem, in­ter­acting with on­line porn. The sender at­tempted to ex­tort money from me: “I see what you’re doing. If you don’t pay, I’ll send this dirt to all your contacts!” [Read more] ““my trojan horse virus recorded your solitary sex””

just cat and dog cartoons on facebook

HOME VIDEOS OF CATS AND DOGS at play, at rest, eating, etc., re­main in­cred­ibly pop­ular on the in­ternet. Type “cat videos” into Google and you will get about 8,790,000,000 re­sults. Dog videos are even more pop­ular with about 11,040,000,000 re­sults! Cat and dog panel car­toons are not as promi­nent with about 57,000,000 and 50,000,000 re­sults, respectively. [Read more] “just cat and dog cartoons on facebook”

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no more bell, no more pop-up notifications

I AM DIS­CON­TIN­UING THE SER­VICE that sends pop-up mes­sages to readers. Sub­scribing to these pop-ups—called push notifications—required you to click on the bell (the large image pic­tured above) in the lower corner of this blog. Due to their neg­a­tive im­pact on the speed and ef­fi­ciency of this blog, these no­ti­fi­ca­tions will cease immediately. [Read more] “no more bell, no more pop-up notifications”

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when the food is gone, I’m eating you first

I AS­SUME THAT FACE­BOOK’S ED­I­TORS are, in fact, com­puter al­go­rithms. Or, per­haps, ap­pli­cants for the po­si­tion have to score some­where on the autism spec­trum to be hired. Hell, maybe they just ain’t got no sense of humor! These guesses are based on the few run-ins that I have had with them and their warning messages. [Read more] “when the food is gone, I’m eating you first”

giving the new blog post idea generator a look-see

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT! This topic is often on the minds of all types of writers. It’s an es­pe­cially im­por­tant topic for writers who have to fill pages in a print or on­line pub­li­ca­tion where there is a dead­line and quan­tity is often more im­por­tant than quality. So why not a blog post idea generator? [Read more] “giving the new blog post idea generator a look-see”

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