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the stupidest way to price a record album I ever saw!

WHAT IS THE STUPIDEST WAY to put a price on a record album that I ever saw? It happened forty years ago in a thrift shop in San Francisco and I still shudder thinking about it. And it didn’t involve those impossible-to-remove-without-lighter-fluid stickers that record store owners who don’t trust their customers affix to the front covers of LPs!

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shhh ... I’m starting a conspiracy theory here to get people masked and vaccinated

SSSHHHHHH! I’m starting a conspiracy theory here to scare people into getting masked and vaccinated. I want to spread a rumor that the coronavirus is really a conspiracy by the elite alien reptiles to pass their sperm from human to human.

They do this by using the moisture in a sneeze or a cough or a kiss or even just in speaking as their medium to impregnate people and turn “us” into “them.” [Continue reading]

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yard sale find of old bowl worth half-a-million dollars!

YOU SHOULD HAVE HEARD ABOUT the yard sale find that is all over the internet by now. A person paid the $35 asking price for a porcelain bowl at a yard sale in Connecticut. The buyer was an “antique enthusiast” who thought the old bowl could be something special, meaning the buyer probably had considerable experience in buying and selling such things. [Continue reading]

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quora moderation said my answer may need improvement

I RECEIVED AN EMAIL FROM QUORA that read, “Quora Moderation collapsed your answer to ‘What irrefutable facts do Trump supporters need to know about Trump to change their mind?’ for violating a policy on Quora. Your answer may need improvement.” Receiving what could only be interpreted as a reprimand was a first for me—at least from Quora. [Continue reading]

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that’s what I’ve been telling people for fifty years!

NOAM CHOMSKY HAD AN INTERVIEW scheduled with Anand Giridharadas for The.Ink website. While each interview promises the potential of unique answers and even the possibility of new thoughts, depending on the interviewer, Chomsky prepared some notes to make certain he mentioned certain points. So, Noam called me and said, “Neal, here is what I am preparing to say in my interview with Anand Giridharadas: ‘The left position is you rarely support anyone. [Continue reading]