hey! you! get off of my arm!


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MY CAT, GADJI, has been dis­cov­ering the many and varied places that she can lie down in her new house, which we moved into on the first of June. Re­cently she found a new place that is ap­par­ently better than being atop the pile of boxes in Berni’s studio, or in the smooth bottom of the bath tub in the un­used master bath­room (un­used be­cause we prefer the shower in the sec­ondary bath­room), or the warmth of an un­made bed

Where o where can that be? On my desk, flopped down on what­ever hard copy I have next to my key­board. Once there, she reaches over and places her right paw on my left forearm, and then lies her head down on my left hand.

Ir­re­sistible, right?

Which is where she is now. How, then, am I typing? As a two-fingered typist, losing one finger does not cripple my ‘skills’—it only slows me down.

Gadji Beri Booboo (al­ready fa­mous with both of my reg­ular readers via a pre­vious post) seemed con­tent when she first tried out this new method of re­clining last week.

Or so I thought.



Get off of my arm!

I have since learned that it is a ruse; even her looking up at me with those big pussycat eyes that seem to be adoring me but could merely be mea­suring me is part of the sham. She has taken com­mand of this post be­cause it is easier to slither down into the spot she re­ally wants —the warmed seat of my fake leather of­fice chair!

Should I get up to make a cup of coffee, an­swer the phone, stretch my legs when I get back she has com­man­deered my chair. I brought her in her own chair—a nice col­lapsible chair with a pocket for a seat and I even placed one of her fa­vorite pil­lows on it, but nooooooooooooooo, that is NOT the spot she covets.

Right now she has as­sumed her sphinx-like po­si­tion and my left arm and hand are free so I am heading back to typing today’s real post about Dan Ariely and the joys of ir­ra­tional thinking but . . .



Get off of my arm!


RollingStones 1965 header 1000

HEADER IMAGE: As the Rolling Stones of­fi­cial pho­tog­ra­pher, Gered “Gerald” Mankowitz took some of the most stun­ning im­ages in rock and roll’s sixty-year his­tory. This gor­geous black and white photo that graces t top of this page was hot in 1965 and was used as the cover for the group’s OUT OF OUR HEADS album in Eu­rope and the DE­CEM­BER’S CHIL­DREN album in the US. It was also used for pic­ture sleeves and EP covers for Get Off Of My Cloud in sev­eral Eu­ro­pean countries.


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