a glimpse into the future for me and my gal

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WE WERE DINING OUT at a well-known Chi­nese restau­rant that came highly recommended—despite being rather old and in need of some at­ten­tion. This was one of the few ex­cur­sions we have made re­cently and were looking for­ward to the food, which was rated among the best in the Pa­cific Northwest.

After we were seated and the waiter had brought us menus and taken our drink order, I pointed to an­other couple across the room: an old man and woman who re­minded me of my parents.

And I said, “You know what? That’ll be us in ten years.” 

And Berni said, “That’s a mirror. It’s old, and it’s cracked. Like you. And I told you you need new glasses . . .” 


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