is google grooming me to love donald trump?

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TOP-LEVEL FBI AGENT RESIGNS! The headline in this morning’s newsletter reads, “Top-level FBI agent under fire for his role in Hunter Biden investigation resigns.” It should have added “embattled” as the article addresses the resignation of agent Timothy Thibault, who has been repeatedly accused by Senator Chuck Grassley of mishandling the investigations into Hunter Biden.

Wanting to know more, I went to my trusty browser, Google, and typed “timothy thibault” into the search bar. Lo and behold, what do you think were the first featured articles that Google showed me?

•  Newsweek: “Who is Timothy Thibault? FBI Agent Behind Hunter Biden Probe Retires

•  Fox News: “FBI agent accused of political bias, suppressing Hunter Biden laptop leaves the bureau

•  The National Review: “Top FBI Agent Resigns after Allegedly Thwarting Hunter Biden Investigation”

•  The New York Post: “Top FBI agent resigns amid claims he shielded Hunter Biden from probe”

That’s three rather ridiculously rightwing rags, nyet?


Grooming me: cartoon by Clay Jones for his own Claytoonz website.

Cartoon by Clay Jones for his own Claytoonz website.

Is Google grooming me?

So, these rightwing rags—can a television show be a “rag”?—are noted everywhere (except among American rightwingers) for their remarkably liberal interpretation and use of “facts” along with one mainstream media that is so often so bland as to be (intentionally?) ineffectual.

Either way, given my bleeding-heart liberal nature, why is Google placing these at the top of my search? Shouldn’t it be giving me links to radical liberal rags and news sites with an equally cavalier approach to journalism? Oh, right—there aren’t any.

Is Google trying to groom me into becoming a Trump-loving pod?


Grooming me: cartoon by Ed Sheneman for The Star-Ledger of Newark, New Jersey.

FEATURED IMAGE: The image at the top of the page is a cartoon by Ed Sheneman for The Star-Ledger of Newark, New Jersey. I erased everything but Rudy and the computer for a better visual impact. I could have gone with a photo of the embattled Mr. Thibault but I’m a sucker for a good editorial cartoon.



2 thoughts on “is google grooming me to love donald trump?”

  1. yea well guess what buddy Elon Musk and the REAL twitter are exposing the Lap Top truth that indeed belonged to Hunter Biden . disgusting.

    • OMG! Two great comments from my mysterious rightwing admirer on one day!

      Sorry, I am sooooo busy keeping up with this world and have little time to visit Bizarro World. Please send me links to the articles where the Mighty Musk exposes the “Lap Top truth.” I promise I will read them all.


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