grow up, peter pan (a poem)

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Grow up, Peter Pan!

(A poem by Ananda)

Grow up, Peter Pan!
You can’t stay in Neverland forever.
There will be a day when the dust rubs off;
you’ll hit the ground and look up at the stars;
you’ll sit and wonder, “Where did my life go?” 
‘Cause you’re no longer a Lost Boy,
just an old pirate creeper playing little boy games.

When you grow up, Peter Pan,
then I will show you what you’ve missed!
Because someday, our little boy will be a man,
and on that day you’ll regret letting Wendy slip away.

Someday, you’ll see me fly over the rainbow
and you’ll see me soar high like a bird.
Someday, you’ll wake up with clouds above your head,
then see the mistake you made was letting Wendy fade away.
All she ever wanted was to live happily ever after
but you never loved her the way she loved you.

When you grow up, Peter Pan,
then I’ll show you what you’ve missed!
Because I’ll shine like a star in the sky 
while you’ll pine because you let Wendy slip away.

Don’t get me wrong, I do wish you the best.
But as you see, there are plenty of mermaids in the sea.
When you grow up, Peter Pan,
the world will show you that there’s no one like Wendy,
who loved you despite all of your flaws.

Giving up on an endless fight for your affection,
I’m sorry that I’m not sorry that I walked away.
Don’t worry about me—I’m still standing 
on the ashes as I rise like the phoenix.
Right before your eyes, Wendy will dance away . . .


PeterPan FaroeIslands 1200

FEATURED IMAGE: The image at the top of this page was cropped from this photo of the Faroe Islands. This was the location used for Neverland in the 2023 movie Peter Pan & Wendy. I found this image illustrating the article “Magical 1 Hour Peter Pan Boat Tour to Neverland” on the Guide to Faroe Islands website. To read more about these lovely islands, click here.


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