so this guy offers to buy this girl a drink

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AN AR­TICLE ON YAHOO NEWS caught my at­ten­tion. “Guy of­fers a drink to girl at a bar, then re­fuses to pay for it” was pub­lished in 2020 and quickly racked up thou­sands of com­ments. Un­for­tu­nately, the ar­ticle is poorly written and in­com­plete but based on the title it was in­tended to stir up Yahoo readers.

The Yahoo story is based on a posting on Reddit. In this ar­ticle, I ad­dress the nar­ra­tive, para­graph by para­graph. I am re­sponding to the story as it was written by the un­cred­ited Yahoo staffer—not the story as it ap­pears in the orig­inal Reddit posting.

The text below was taken from the ar­ticle ti­tled “Guy of­fers a drink to girl at a bar, then re­fuses to pay for it” by Katie Mather for the Yahoo! Life web­site on June 6, 2020. 

This guy offers this girl a drink

Mather in­tro­duced the sit­u­a­tion by noting that a 23-year-old guy posted a ques­tion on Reddit asking whether he was in the wrong for the fol­lowing sit­u­a­tion and its out­come (and I made a few slight ed­i­to­rial changes):

It’s a classic rom-com setup: After dancing with and talking to a re­ally hot girl, the [guy] pulled her over to the bar and of­fered to buy her a drink. He placed his order for a beer, and, as he told the bar­tender, ‘what­ever she wants.’

The girl then promptly or­ders four double shots of ex­pen­sive tequila—for ref­er­ence, one shot of 1942 Don Julio is $75—explaining that she was buying ex­tras for her friends.

But when the bar­tender re­turned, the [guy] handed over a $10 bill to cover his beer and tip and then left. As for the girl’s re­ac­tion, he wrote, ‘She was pissed and yelling the normal insults.’ ”

Mather noted that the “cost of four drinks plus tip equaled out to $325.”


This guy offers: a bottle of Don Julio 1942 tequila.

Problems with the article

There are a few prob­lems with the ar­ticle: the writer men­tioned only “ex­pen­sive tequila” which is a rel­a­tive term. Mather in­cludes the cost of Don Julio 1942 tequila, which she says is $75 for one shot. Ac­cording to sev­eral sites on the in­ternet, the av­erage cost of a single shot of that par­tic­ular tequila is about $20-25, quite a bit lower. But if the bar in the story is an “in place” in a swanky neck of town, $75 for a double shot would not be un­rea­son­able.

The writer states that the cost of four drinks plus tip equaled out to $325. Ac­tu­ally, if the cost of the al­cohol is $75 a shot and the girl or­dered four double shots, then she or­dered a total of eight shots. That’s a whop­ping $600 at the stated price! 

But then, I am old an old man who is stuck “knowing” that a shot glass holds 1.5 ounces; to­day’s young ‘uns, used to binge-drinking, may refer to a double-shot glass (3.0 ounces) as “a shot.”

Ei­ther the writer got the amount of al­cohol wrong or the cost of the al­cohol wrong (or something).

Ei­ther way, the guy left a lousy tip for the bartender.

What about the bartender?

I was a bar­tender for many years. Had I found my­self in a sit­u­a­tion such as this—where such an ex­pen­sive round of drinks was ordered—unless I knew one of the cus­tomers (the guy or the hot girl) to be a re­li­able reg­ular, I might ask for pay­ment be­fore­hand. While this may sound rude, in many places, if $300 worth of booze goes missing, it is taken out of the bar­tender’s paycheck.

The sto­ry’s ac­tual out­come is not men­tioned in the Yahoo ar­ticle. Did the girl walk away with the drinks, stiffing the bar­tender? Or did the bar­tender pull the drinks off the bar and re­quest pay­ment from the girl? Or did she walk away with the drinks be­fore the bar­tender re­al­ized what was hap­pening, in which case the bartender—or a man­ager or a bouncer—would have to follow the girl and de­mand pay­ment at her table?

Her being “pissed and yelling the normal in­sults” doesn’t re­ally tell us.


This guy offers: cropped image from photo of a girl and a guy at a bar.

The original Reddit posting

Oddly—and I say oddly be­cause if I bun­gled a nar­ra­tive this badly I wouldn’t leave links to evidence—there is a link to the guy’s orig­inal Reddit posting and the story there is dif­ferent (also edited to make more readable):

“I’m 23 and few months ago I was at a nice bar in Toronto with my boys and I saw this re­ally hot girl. De­cided to shoot my shot and we spoke and danced for a bit and I of­fered to buy her a drink and she gladly ac­com­pa­nied me to the bar.

When I got there, I was, like, ‘Can I have a beer and what­ever she wants?’  She promptly says, ‘Can I get four double-shots of 1942?’ That’s like $75 a shot for a double of 1942 and I was like, ‘What the fuck?’

She said they are for her friends and patted me on the back. When the bar­tender came back, I slapped a $10 bill on the table and told him she’d be cov­ering the shots and walked away. She was pissed and yelling the normal in­sults lol.”

This ac­tu­ally con­fuses the nar­ra­tive above: the 23-year-old wrote, “When the bar­tender came back”—back from where? My guess is that bar­tender “went” to get the bottle of tequila from the back bar and when the guy re­al­ized he was being taken ad­van­tage of, he slapped down the saw­buck and walked away, leaving the bar­tender to deal with the girl.

Of course, this could have taken place in a super-hip place in a super-swanky neigh­bor­hood where $300 or­ders for a single person are normal.

A place where you are “known” by the bouncer just to get through the door.

A place where everyone al­ways pays their tab.

We will prob­ably never know . . .


This guy offers: full photo of a girl and a guy at a bar.

FEA­TURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page is from the Yahoo ar­ticle. It de­picts a rea­son­ably good-looking young woman—apparently our “re­ally hot girl”—enjoying the com­pany of a rea­son­ably good-looking young man at a bar. It’s ei­ther a posed photo for the ar­ticle or a generic photo kept on file for what­ever ar­ticle needs an image.



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